New Twitter client

New Twitter client

Matt Emson

2008-12-14 23:07 UTC
Hi all,

Dunno how interesting this is, but I started to write a Gtk# based
Twitter client on Saturday evening. It runs on Windows/Linux and
probably Mac OS X too (not tried it, will do though.) It'll also run
fairly well on the N800 using the Mono 2.01 runtime.I don't have a
package yet, and I need to add some configuration options (as it's
currently hardcoded to use my account), but if anyone had the Mono
runtime and the Gtk# libs (uses some of the System hierarchy too, but no
WindowsForms), let me know and I'll happily send out a zip. It's less
than 100KB at the moment.

Motivation was to learn the Gtk# library (and associated Gnome/Gdk/Pango
etc), so it's not intended to be an insanely great project. But it'll do
some of the things I like from twhirl, so will have advantages over
Mauku. If it ends up being something useful, that's cool, but I'm
writing it more as a learning project.

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