File Manager file names does not match Terminal

File Manager file names does not match Terminal

chris simon
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2012-08-06 20:23 UTC
Downloading a series of MP3s, I've experienced mixed results with the default browser and the optional Fennec browser.

The default browser will not Save Link As, chosing instead to save a 1kb "No file available for download".

Nor, on click through, will the File Download popup recognize the mp3 format, nor complete Save to Device.

Fennec will not save the file on click and Save Link, when it works, labels the file media_downloader.cgi while its downloading, and never renames the file to the actual file name even though the URL is simply the path to the mp3 (in other words there is no pop up javascrip or other weirdness when downloaded from the desktop.

After all this, I have a directory of files all misnamed. After painstakingly renaming every file in the terminal, I find some files reflect the new name and others do not. There is no rhyme or reason.

Unfortunately, the incorrect names are also used by Media Player.

Whats going on?
How can I fix this?
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