netiquette, quoting style, general rules...

netiquette, quoting style, general rules...

Joerg Reisenweber
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2012-12-17 10:55 UTC
A timeless sidenote:

please read, understand, and apply
whenever posting to a mailing list.

Generally plain text messages (no HTML, no multipart/alternative) and
interleaved quoting style, or bottom post, both with proper trimming to the
bare minimum needed for context, are recommended for all maemo mailing lists.

Tofu *) posting is deprecated especially since mailing lists are regularly
arranged in threads which conveniently present the conversation history and
thus don't need a fullquote in each post for documentation purposes.
Fullquotes just cause redundant traffic and storage consumption for each of
your ML-post's recipients.

Consider that every minute you invest into making your post more enjoyable to
read pays back a thousandfold on thousands of recipients and actually helps to
transport your points. Sloppiness isn't perceived well and shows you don't
care about those you hope will read your post.

I know it's hard to always follow those rules in daily hassle, but we all can
try to become better with it.

jOERG (councilor)

*) "Text Over, Fullquote Under",
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