BIG problem with Maemo repositories!

BIG problem with Maemo repositories!

Pali Rohár
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2012-12-16 21:08 UTC
Hello Maemo Community!

We have big problem with repositories. Two months ago GPG key for expired and Hildon Application Manager
refusing to install or reinstall packages from these
repositories. Part of is OTA and OVI
Store repository. This means that OVI Store not working anymore
and OTA updates (from PR1.1 or PR1.2) to PR1.3.1 not working too.

Possible solution could be change expiration of this key, but
only owner of private GPG key can do that (so only Nokia).

GPG key used for all OTA & Ovi store repositories is:

pub 1024D/13FA4ED6 2007-10-05 [expired: 2012-10-03]
uid Nokia repository signing key 4v1

OVI apt repo:

OTA apt repos:

BCCing council & board about this, because Hildon Application
Manager not working without proper gpg signature and non working
OVI store and OTA repositories are big problem for N900 users.

Pali Rohár
Version: GnuPG v1.4.11 (GNU/Linux)


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