Calendar Beta


We developed a web-based calendar application for the Maemo community. The project focuses on adapting the calendar user interface to fit the devices such as Nokia 770 and N800 taking into account the screen resolution and limitations like difficulty of drag-and-drop with the stylus. The worldwide nature of the Maemo community is also be taken into account by supporting good timezone awareness.

Beta documentation can be found on this blog post:

Known Issues / Upcoming features


  • Reoccuring events aren't implemented yet
  • Private events aren't really private yet. (This is under investigation)
  • Overlapping check isn't implemented yet


  • "Remove tag" is missing from the panel


  • "Community events" will be implemented later. (These are global read-only calendars that every user can subscribe to)
  • iCal feed importing missing
  • iCal feed exporting missing (mainly these are missing from the layout)
  • Timezone changes automatically when users physical location changes. (to be implemented)
  • Timezone switching doesn't fully work on Opera browser. (This is under investigation)


  • All the icons should be done specifically for maemo looks
    ie. new event (month view), edit item, view person, delete item, publish settings (in profile panel), clear shelf, today
  • Windows must be prettyfied. (Close button, possible menu or list of actions, tabs support)
  • Highlighting colors must be thought out
  • Events could look nicer
  • On some actions there are no notifications to the user while the action is being performed.
  • When requesting new buddies or creating events, no notification emails is yet sent to the users. (This is something that will be added shortly)

Bug Reporting

Please file all bugs at .

Product: website, component: calendar


If you have questions, comments send an email to