Board Minutes For Meeting On November 15th, 2012

Posted on 2012-11-20 23:34:57 UTC.

Minutes for first Hildon Foundation Board meeting. VoIP meeting held on Google Hangout. Attending: - Tim Samoff / timsamoff - Iván Gálvez Junquera / ivgalvez (via chat only) - Rob Bauer / SD69 (via chat only) - Cosimo Kroll (zehjotkah)

Hildon Foundation, Meeting 2 - November 15, 2012

+ Appoint administrators (or, if someone steps in).
- Possibly ask Reggie to take over admin of
> How much would he charge?
> Other NDA-restricted info discussed pertaining to transfer and administration of infra from Nokia to the community (recorded elsewhere).

+ Further infra
- Other NDA-restricted info discussed pertaining to infra(recorded elsewhere).

+ Bank account and fundraising
- Cosimo will research banking options for the Board/community.
- Iván has received an email offering to put ads on
> It could be a possible solution for TMO if Reggie wants to keep it independent of
- Cosimo: Opinion that the community should run on donations; so no ads.
> Others agree: no ads on
- Will investigate possibility of commercial "sponsors" (preferably OSS companies).
- Other NDA-restricted info discussed pertaining to community funding (recorded elsewhere).

+ Foundation website/servers/hosting
- We need administrators (volunteers).
- Still need to get domain from Niel Nielsen (nieldk).
> This has since been resolved.
- Some discussion about who should "own" or "hold" the domain name(s) and hosting.
> Tim will take care of gaining domain and setting up hosting/website in Foundation's name.
> site will point point to

+ Meeting concluded.