Q1 2010 Community Council election - voting open

2010-03-24 18:05 UTC by Dave Neary

Voting tokens for the Q1 2010 Maemo Community Council elections have been issued. If you think you should have a vote, and you have not received your token, please contact Dave Neary, and he will reissue your voting token.

As a reminder, the candidates for the election are:

  • Arek Stopczynski (hopbeat)
  • Randall Arnold (texrat)
  • Cosimo Kroll (zehjotkah)
  • Andrew Flegg (Jaffa)
  • Attila Czipa (Attila77/achipa)
  • Steven Paolini Yeager (YoDude)
  • Javier S. Pedro (JaviSPedro)
  • Andrea Grandi (andy80)
  • Andrew Black (andrewfblack)
  • Ryan Abel (GeneralAntilles)

You can follow the election and get more information on the candidates and their positions at the election page in the wiki, and on the relevant threads in the Community forum of talk.maemo.org.


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