Final candidate list for Maemo Community Council elections Q1 2010

2010-03-17 12:38 UTC by Dave Neary

The nomination period for the Maemo Community Council elections is
passed, and we now have a definitive list of candidates for election:

The following people (in alphabetical order) are candidates for the Q1
2010 election:

  • Andrea Grandi (andy80)
  • Andrew Black (andrewfblack)
  • Andrew Flegg (Jaffa)
  • Arek Stopczynski (Hopbeat)
  • Attila Chipa (Attila77/achipa)
  • Cosimo Kroll (zehjotkah)
  • Javier S. Pedro (JaviSPedro)
  • Randall Arnold (texrat)
  • Ryan Abel (GeneralAntilles)
  • Steven Paolini Yeager (YoDude)

There will now be a debating period of one week, and voting for the election will open on March 23rd, before which voting tokens will be sent out to all eligible voters.

Further information:

Good luck to all involved!


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