Maemo Technology Overview training material

2008-01-14 10:47 UTC by Jarmo Tikka

Maemo team is happy to announce the availability of updated maemo 4.x Chinook training material package (new version published is 1.3). Maemo training material package includes now new material for maemo Technology Overview course. There are no changes to already published maemo training courses.

maemo Technology Overview
- introduction to the maemo technology and development environment
- can be used as independent training material and introduction to other maemo courses
- planned to be 1 day lecture type course
- course content as html is available from this link

The maemo training portfolio includes now following four courses:
- maemo Technology Overview
- maemo Getting Started
- maemo Application Development
- maemo Platform Development

Maemo training portfolio provides an efficient overview of the tools and methodologies needed when developing applications and platform services to the maemo platform. Using hands-on exercises and examples, the participant will be able to write simple GUI applications and platform services that will integrate into the maemo platform and the packaging framework.
More information about maemo training, maemo training material downloads and instructions how maemo community can give feedback and contribute to the training material creation can be found from official maemo training pages and maemo community training wiki pages.
Happy New Year 2008 from
Maemo Team


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