maemo 4.0 Chinook released, Nokia N810 landing

2007-11-09 12:51 UTC by Quim Gil

The Nokia N810 Internet Tablet is going through the distribution channels as we speak and it will be progressively available in different countries in the next weeks. We will also make a progressive release and publication of software and documentation, starting with the materials relevant to developers.

Today we are releasing the final version of the maemo 4.0 Chinook SDK, containing the full set of OS2008 APIs and some bugfixes from the beta version released on September. As announced previously, Chinook and OS2008 are both fully compatible with the Nokia N810 and N800. Developers should follow the release notes and installation instructions as usual. Check also the content comparison between maemo 3.2 Bora and Chinook.

Most of the developer documentation has been already published in previous weeks in order to assist in the porting of maemo 3.x Bora applications to Chinook. Now developers can have access to the updated maemo tutorial and porting guide, the best complement to the already published maemo Quickstart Guide for newcomers to this platform.

Developers are encouraged to upload product pages of their beta or final Chinook software to the revamped Downloads catalog.


James Sparenberg
Karma: 50

Unlike previous versions the installer now works nearly without thought, and definitly without failure. Thanks

2007-11-10 19:27 UTC

Libglade is now there.
Release the SDK complete before the OS' new version is a good move.


2007-11-09 20:14 UTC
Antonio Di Cello
Karma: 80

Excellent news! Go to download immediately Chinook ..

2007-11-09 15:37 UTC
Frantisek Dufka
Karma: 642

What I am missing in the release notes or INSTALL file is answer to question - Can I update from 4.0 beta to 4.0 final via apt-get update?

2007-11-09 14:46 UTC

More exciting than the leopard released :P

2007-11-09 14:09 UTC
Manrique Lopez
Karma: 211

Great news. Let's see what can be done.

2007-11-09 13:15 UTC


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