First official OS2008 update

2007-12-18 10:02 UTC by Juha Tukkinen

Nokia has released the first OS2008 update for the N810 and N800 Internet tablets. The N810 image integrates minor optimizations and bugfixes, while the N800 image offers now full functionality and several bugfixes found after the developer beta release made last month. Now both images are in sync. The OS2008 User Site has a comprehensive list of features of the OS2008. You can also check the content comparison tables done at a package level:
  • RX-34_2007SE_4.2007.38-2 (latest OS2007) vs. current: content - changes
  • RX-34_2007SE_4.2007.44-4 (OS2008 developer beta) vs. current: content - changes


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Dafydd Gibbon
Karma: 6

A couple of notes: 1) Capslock is by holding Caps for 1 sec, so still there - and language key is v. useful for multilingual communities :-) 2) The N800+OS2008 Bluetooth keyboard pairing timeout bug is a hassle. Workaround for Linux savvy users: use xterm, sudo gainroot (first search+install godmode.deb), cd /var/lib/bluetooth, rm -rf 00:.... (directory named after your device MAC number). Then re-pair bluetooth devices starting with keyboard. No guarantees, though...

2008-02-01 15:52 UTC
thier cito
Karma: 38

I upgraded to the new OS2008 but the flash video doesn't work in some sites. I've downloaded the latest flash update from adobe but it doesn't allow me to install the update. . . any help.

2008-01-23 05:52 UTC
robert thiry
Karma: 8

Got a iGo Stowaway Ultra-Slim that doesn't want to pair with my n800 (OS2008). Can anybody point to a decent ''howto''?

2008-01-21 18:07 UTC
Gordon Maynard
Karma: 5

Has anyone succeeded in upgrading the N810 using Flasher? The 770 could be put into a 'passive' USB mode by holding down the 'Home' key while powering up and the instructions for the new upgrade recommends this. Small problem: the N810 does not have a 'Home' key. Any thought, anyone?

2008-01-20 20:31 UTC
Alain Buret
Karma: 7

I've installed OS2008 on my N800 yesterday evening ... and 20 min later it was back on OS2007. Why? Upgrade has been done easily, but the N800 did not reboot automatically afterwards. When booting it, it configured OK, but each time I'm starting an application, the app is suddenly stucked. For example, when starting a browser, the window opens, then I've got an "Updating" dialog box, and it suddenly blocks. After few minutes, the device shuts down on its own ... so back to OS2007! Anyone facing the same behavior?

2008-01-09 11:27 UTC
Karma: 14

Any news yet on the os2008he?I hope we can get the full browser that comes with os2008 in the HE version also.

2008-01-06 10:32 UTC
Rob McLean
Karma: 5

I'm just an end-user, and I'm Mac based. I've enjoyed my N800 for a few weeks now. I would like to upgrade to the latest OS2008 but am having trouble with the download- it downloads with a php extension rather than a bin. When the beta was released, I managed to flash that, in the end with the 770 flasher - I had tried the wizard in windows emulation on an Intel mac at work, but it kept failing at the end of the installation due to a USB error - (leaving my N800 brain-dead) so I took the .bin file home and used the 770 flasher native on my home mac and it installed without any problem. However now when I go to the download site and get the latest os2008, although the link to it is named "RX-34_2008SE_2.2007.50-2_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin" the file downloads as "nokia_N800.php" The 770 flasher will not open a .php file - is it as simple as changing the extension - could I do that and then safely install with the flasher? -- or does this file have to be processed/ expanded/ whatever first in some way that a mac won't do?

2008-01-05 19:05 UTC
bob Joylove
Karma: 8

A few more bugs for those considering upgrading; there is significant keyboard bounce when typing so tthe same letter comes up twice for one click every 10 words or so, the Java page on now causes the device to run out of memory, the touchscreen sometimes goes dead, you can't insert text or over-type text, the Navicore software is stuck in KMPH, you will loose all your back-uped bluetooth pairings, the SU-8W nokia bluetooth keyboard won't pair, the handy Caapslock has been replaced with a useless language select menu and the RSS home screen applet has huge borders, nobodylonger has a click-to-expand and only displays 4 feeds due to massive gaps between items.

2007-12-27 14:07 UTC
bob Joylove
Karma: 8

Welll, no-one knows the answer to my question in the post and below I've since been disappointed with the loss of voices and camera alerts in Navicore. I'll be reverting to OS2007 and won't be ordering an N810.

2007-12-25 10:06 UTC
bob Joylove
Karma: 8

I've just installed the 2008 software on my n800. I don't likee the browser one bit. I've lost my finger scrolling, overtyping doesn't work, my favourite forun doesn't paginate as well as before and chatrooms flicker on refresh. Can I reinstall Opera?

2007-12-22 01:02 UTC
Oscar Francia
Karma: 17

go to for N800 and N810

2007-12-20 12:51 UTC
Simon R
Karma: 11

maemo SDK installation is now impossible thanks to intermittent service coming from

For those who want to download from an untrusted third party, tablets-dev says:

89e0661318f60420c691f4e1dd0c6ba3 RX-34_2008SE_2.2007.50-2_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin 141226188 bytes

2007-12-20 03:42 UTC
Hubert Figuiere
Karma: 33

as for the torrent, if only the file was GPG signed, because md5 digest are known to be "breakable"

2007-12-20 01:27 UTC

Since I have plenty of bandwidth to spare, I put the update for the N800 up for download on

The download link is right on the top of the page.

2007-12-19 19:57 UTC
GW Moran
Karma: 18

With all of the links and torrents for the N800, I can't believe there aren't any for the N810. What gives?

2007-12-19 07:30 UTC
Florian Kisser
Karma: 13

i can't see any at mininova, but there's one at the piratebay ;)

2007-12-19 01:58 UTC
eugene tekuch
Karma: 5

I see there is one on mininova. Ask google, there is a link.

2007-12-18 23:54 UTC
Lee Cowdrey
Karma: 7

Thankfully (extracted from internettablet) has it mirrored... use at your own risk though but initially reports seem to be positive.

The md5sum from Nokia shows RX-34_2008SE_2.2007.50-2_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin should of hash value of ???? (cant get back in to copy the hash value...sorry)

2007-12-18 22:32 UTC
Richard Horton
Karma: 22

If you head over to the internettablettalk on the comment thread for the OS2008 update there are a few (currently for the N800 only) alternate sources...

2007-12-18 21:02 UTC
David Harrison
Karma: 29

Has anyone found a torrent for the download? This is painful going through, the download dies about 5% of the way in.

2007-12-18 20:42 UTC
Richard Horton
Karma: 22

Wonder if Nokia have decided to host the image on an N800 via a bluetooth/gprs connection - even a wet piece of string would be faster than this....

2007-12-18 20:10 UTC
Jonathan Hudson
Karma: 21

Would be nice if the images were hosted on a server with some bandwidth. Or Nokia could get over their proprietary obsessions and just make a torrent available.

The current inaccessibility is hardly worthy of a global telecommunications company.

2007-12-18 14:48 UTC
Frantisek Dufka
Karma: 642

Many thanks for package changes. Also some sort of global changelog with major changes or next column with links to changelog flies of individual deb packages would be nice :-)

2007-12-18 11:28 UTC
Daniele Torelli
Karma: 5

In the last months there were rumours about the compatibility with standard Debian armel repositories from OS2008, please someone can confirm / deny?

2007-12-18 10:58 UTC
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