First official OS2008 update

2007-12-18 10:02 UTC by Juha Tukkinen

Nokia has released the first OS2008 update for the N810 and N800 Internet tablets. The N810 image integrates minor optimizations and bugfixes, while the N800 image offers now full functionality and several bugfixes found after the developer beta release made last month. Now both images are in sync. The OS2008 User Site has a comprehensive list of features of the OS2008. You can also check the content comparison tables done at a package level:
  • RX-34_2007SE_4.2007.38-2 (latest OS2007) vs. current: content - changes
  • RX-34_2007SE_4.2007.44-4 (OS2008 developer beta) vs. current: content - changes


Daniele Torelli
Karma: 5

In the last months there were rumours about the compatibility with standard Debian armel repositories from OS2008, please someone can confirm / deny?

2007-12-18 10:58 UTC


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