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2007-10-19 20:36 UTC by Quim Gil has been released today offering information and novelties about the operating system of the Nokia N800 and N810 Internet Tablets, related services and compatible applications. The site is warming up with a basic introduction to the OS and its main features, plus a selection of recommended software. The site will grow in few weeks, when the Nokia N810 sales start and the OS2008 is made available for N800 users.

The new web space is complemented by, the site exclusive for Nokia Internet Tablet users that has been offering news, tips and updates until now. This way the content of Tableteer will be accessible to all Internet users in the OS2008 site. is also a channel for promotion of the best applications developed by the maemo community. The most popular and reliable software featured in will be recommended through these pages with a Nokia stamp. The selection criteria is based on quality, popularity in the maemo community and Nokia's editors picks. More about this next week, when we plan to release a set of improvements to Downloads and start (in fact continue) the discussion about an extras repository governed by the maemo comunity.

The maemo visibility increases overall in the Nokia consumer context since now the OS2008 is defined as maemo Linux based. All this is happening in a big part thanks to the prolific and innovative maemo community. Kudos to all of you!


Henri Bergius
Karma: 1252

This helps with as well as the site can focus much more on developers...

2007-11-22 14:48 UTC

I think we can try it in a few days...

2007-11-06 11:35 UTC

I think that Nokia is following the right direction with Maemo. I'm following Maemo steps since the release of the 770 and I predict incredible versions in the future.

2007-11-04 23:04 UTC
Pekka Oilinki
Karma: 5

Great to have a good map solution for tablets.

How about the maps for Asia? Wayfinder website talks only about maps of US an Europe.

2007-10-29 03:44 UTC
the kid
Karma: 51

i can't wait omg!!

2007-10-24 23:47 UTC

Is good to see that is hapend more often. All the community is involved un this project, so thats another good news. BRAVO NOKIA! - IS OPEN!

2007-10-23 14:13 UTC
Quim Gil
Karma: 2662

We are about to release an improved version of and it will contain the OS2008 tag. OS2008 will be the default view for PC users as soon as Chinook is released. (tablet users will see by default the OS corresponding to their device).

2007-10-23 03:34 UTC
Antonio Di Cello
Karma: 80

Non vedo l'ora (nokia permettendo) di provare il fantastico nokia n810 e il nuovo IT SO 2008 ho visto che hanno modificato tante cose dalla release 2006 e 2007 .. speriamo a breve di riuscire ad ottenere il nuovo gioiellino nokia

I look forward (nokia permitting) to prove nokia n810 fantastic and the new IT SO 2008 I saw that many things have changed by the release 2006 and 2007 .. We hope soon to get the new jewel nokia

2007-10-22 21:04 UTC

It seems that things are happening quickly! As a brand new N800 user and hopefully developer I am truly excited. Good Work!

2007-10-22 17:12 UTC
Henrik Hedberg
Karma: 324

There should be an option for the IT OS 2008 in the Downloads section already. There are at least some applications with the Chinook version, but the Maemo Downloads page shows only IT OS 2005, 2006 or 2007. By allowing developers to update the status, there would be more applications supporting the Chinook at the very beginning.

2007-10-22 16:06 UTC
Ricky Cadden
Karma: 619

Really pumped to see Nokia taking Maemo and OS2008 even more mainstream and into the limelight.

2007-10-21 14:45 UTC
George Wang
Karma: 8

Just recently joined the N series ranks with my N800. Couldn't be more happier with this product! Hopefully, the OS2008 will make the N800 even better than it is now.

2007-10-20 00:09 UTC
Chuck Metz Jr
Karma: 12

This is very much a direction that I wanted to see happen and I'm quite pleased at this proposed path for increasing both the visibility and popularity of the Maemo platform. Here's to a continuing successful collaboration of the vigorous Maemo Linux community and the Nokia Internet Tablet venture. May it continue to grow.

2007-10-19 22:35 UTC


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