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2007-10-19 20:36 UTC by Quim Gil has been released today offering information and novelties about the operating system of the Nokia N800 and N810 Internet Tablets, related services and compatible applications. The site is warming up with a basic introduction to the OS and its main features, plus a selection of recommended software. The site will grow in few weeks, when the Nokia N810 sales start and the OS2008 is made available for N800 users.

The new web space is complemented by, the site exclusive for Nokia Internet Tablet users that has been offering news, tips and updates until now. This way the content of Tableteer will be accessible to all Internet users in the OS2008 site. is also a channel for promotion of the best applications developed by the maemo community. The most popular and reliable software featured in will be recommended through these pages with a Nokia stamp. The selection criteria is based on quality, popularity in the maemo community and Nokia's editors picks. More about this next week, when we plan to release a set of improvements to Downloads and start (in fact continue) the discussion about an extras repository governed by the maemo comunity.

The maemo visibility increases overall in the Nokia consumer context since now the OS2008 is defined as maemo Linux based. All this is happening in a big part thanks to the prolific and innovative maemo community. Kudos to all of you!


Chuck Metz Jr
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This is very much a direction that I wanted to see happen and I'm quite pleased at this proposed path for increasing both the visibility and popularity of the Maemo platform. Here's to a continuing successful collaboration of the vigorous Maemo Linux community and the Nokia Internet Tablet venture. May it continue to grow.

2007-10-19 22:35 UTC


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