Getting Started

Material download:

Maemo Chinook Getting Started training material is available here.

Maemo Chinook Getting Started

- introduction to the maemo platform and setting up environment
- can be used (if needed) at the beginning of Application and Platform Development training sessions
- planned to be 1 day class room course
- course content as html is available here

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
    • Introduction to maemo Getting Started
  • Chapter 01 - What is maemo?
    • What is this thing called maemo(tm)?
    • Internet Tablet overview
    • Maemo runtime environment
    • X Window System
    • Typical maemo GUI application
    • Battery Doesn't Last Forever!
    • maemo development resources
    • Other programming interfaces
  • Chapter 02 - Installing the SDK
    • Getting started
    • What is Scratchbox?
    • Scratchbox components
    • Prerequisites
    • Automatic install of Scratchbox
    • Manual install of Scratchbox
    • Automatic install of the maemo SDK
    • Manual install of the maemo SDK
    • Manual install of the ARMEL target
  • Chapter 03 - Testing the installation
    • Testing Scratchbox
    • Writing a GUI Hello World
    • Running the GUI Hello World
    • Starting virtual X server (Xephyr)
    • Directing the client to virtual server
    • Starting the Application Framework
    • Running Hello World in the AF