Xnee is a suite of programs that can record, replay and distribute user actions (X events) under the X11 environment. It can be used for example for test automation.

Xnee installs two programs; cnee and gnee. cnee is the command line utility and gnee is the graphical user interface to cnee.

Limitation: Xnee does not support the XInput extension used for thumb interaction.


source: xnee

binary: xnee

Usage Examples

Record mouse events:

# cnee --record --mouse --events-to-record 100 -o mouse_rec.xnl

Do some actions with the stylus and press control-C once you're done, or continue using the stylus until 100 events are reached at which point cnee will exit.

To replay back what you just recorded:

# cnee --replay --file mouse_rec.xnl&


cnee man page

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