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Implement portrait mode in Media Player (audio)

Posted on 2009-09-02 15:19 UTC by Marat Fayzullin. Status: Under consideration, Categories: Media.

It should really be possible to use Fremantle Media Player in the portrait mode, at least when playing audio. A typical usage pattern would be to keep Fremantle device in your pocket while listening to music, then quickly take it out with one hand to browse through the list of tracks. Portrait mode has following advantages here:

1. You can easily hold the device with one hand (like Nokia 5800 and similar devices)

2. The portrait-oriented track list can show more tracks

3. As the device is already sitting vertically in your pocket, to let the headphone wire out, you do not need to rotate it.

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Make the device into a P.A. microphone

Posted on 2009-09-03 19:21 UTC by alan bruce. Status: Under consideration, Categories: Games, Media, Utilities, Devices.

With the FM transmitter on the N900, it should be possible to make the device into a wireless microphone for public speaking events, using any portable stereo system with an FM radio in it. Older tablets could become wired microphones with the use of the headphone jack.

(sorry that I'm giving a solution in the idea, I don't know how else to phrase it)


Camera cover app activation choice

Posted on 2009-12-07 12:16 UTC by Simon Pickering. Status: Under consideration, Categories: Media, User Experience.

Currently the Camera application is automatically started when the camera cover is slid open, users may want their own choice of camera handling application to open instead.


Media player enhancements

Posted on 2009-06-19 18:30 UTC by rahul garg. Status: Under consideration, Categories: Media.

Problem : Software on tablets not suitable for serious audiophiles. No EQ, poor navigation and management of playlists is very poor.

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Take photos with true Horizontals

Posted on 2009-09-25 22:32 UTC by mike choy. Status: Under consideration, Categories: Media.

Taking pictures of landscapes of gives results where the horizon is at an angle because the camera has not been held horizontal. The picture typically has to be corrected afterwards in a photo editor.

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