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MMS Support

Posted on 2009-09-27 17:14 UTC by Nick Leppänen Larsson. Status: In development, milestone: Fremantle

MMS support is missing from the N900/Maemo5.

This is a feature those of us with friends without push e-mail (and the likes) do quite enjoy on our current phones.

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SyncML support in Maemo5

Posted on 2009-12-13 18:58 UTC by Uwe Kaminski. Status: In development, milestone: Fremantle, Categories: Internet & Networking.

Maemo5 does not support SyncML out of the box. SyncML is a standard used to synchronize clients with a SyncML server. There are open source server software (like Funambol provides) and a lot of clients for nearly every plattform as you can see here. The idea is to have also a solution to synchronize Contacts, calendar entries, tasks and notes (and maybe more stuff) from the N900 (Maemo5) to a SyncML server.

Services (free and paid) offering SyncML can be found here.

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Portrait mode support to the browser

Posted on 2009-09-22 08:02 UTC by Corwin Amber. Status: In development, milestone: Fremantle, Categories: Internet & Networking.

It would be great if the browser could also be used in portrait mode. Some pages just fit better that way. Also for one handed reading it would be better to hold the device in portrait mode.

Furthermore all of the competition supports it, users might be wondering why this is not the case here.


Automatically grab avatars from social services for Contacts app

Posted on 2009-09-16 16:39 UTC by Heinrich Schäfer. Status: Implemented, milestone: Fremantle, Categories: Internet & Networking, Utilities.

The maemo 5 contact manager allows you to add a lot of details to a contact.

But it is very annoying to add images and personal informations if your contact list grows big.

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Add voting for the actual ideas

Posted on 2009-06-22 15:04 UTC by F Random. Status: Implemented, milestone: Fremantle, Categories:

Brainstorm type sites that I have used before allow users to rate the ideas themselves, but the current implementation appears to only allow rating the solutions.  Whilst this is nice to see which solution would be preferred, it does not give a clear indication of which ideas are considered the most useful/important by the community.  A further issue with the current system is that if you do not propose a solution to your idea, you can't get any votes at all.  Rating of the idea itself should be the most obvious option available to a viewer, and solution ratings should be kept but given less emphasis.

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