Revamped maemo Downloads

2007-11-29 06:54 UTC by Quim Gil

Many of you already have noticed that's Downloads has gone through major improvements to provide more and better visibility to the best and fresh software around. The current catalog offers specific results for each OS and gives the users editorial power, promoting those applications with better rates and more downloads. It also integrates screenshots everywhere, this way even newcomers can get a quick visual overview of what the maemo community has to offer.

We are selecting periodically The Pearl, an application we think it's outstanding and deserves top visibility in the maemo space. Currently we are doing this selection ourselves but we are open for suggestions to make the community decide. Some elements we are considering at the moment:

  • Stable software attractive for end users. Beta only if it's really worth. Alpha to be avoided systematically.
  • Screenshot almost required. It provides much more information to users and this way we help developers fighting laziness.
  • All the better if the application is also available in other OSs since then we can organize a week with the same app promoted on all OSs.
  • In case of doubt open&free software goes first, although closed source pearls will be also promoted.


The revamped maemo Downloads is also useful for Nokia, detecting what are the applications to follow and promote. Nokia's OS2008 User Site follows maemo Downloads to recommend third party applications to the Internet Tablet owners. The benefits of being in the top ranks include getting more awareness from a testing, marketing and customer care perspective.


Tim Mueller
Karma: 45

Agreed with the comment on dependencies.

I like being able to see applications sorted by "Stars", "Popular", and "Fresh". Would it be possible to see more than just the top 5? Maybe one page that lists all applications, sortable by different fields?

Screenshots are great. It would also be helpful to enable linking to external reviews by the tablet blogging community.

2007-11-30 18:34 UTC
Collin Mulliner
Karma: 325

I don't want to add an application three times (one time for each OS version).

2007-11-30 16:08 UTC
Karma: 1414

Please, make it faster, and maybe make a mirror.

2007-11-30 12:45 UTC
Reindeer Lover
Karma: 6

New bells and whistles are fine, but more important is keeping the packages reliably up to date. Don't force me to search for dependencies to make an application installable.

2007-11-29 18:13 UTC
Karma: 20

RSS feeds for Downloads are still broken. Please fix it.

2007-11-29 07:26 UTC


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