OS2008 beta release for Nokia N800 and Chinook development

2007-11-26 13:38 UTC by Quim Gil

Nokia has released a beta version of the OS2008 for the Nokia N800, mainly targeted to developers working on maemo 4.0 Chinook. Porting and developing applications for Chinook was already possible with the beta and final releases of the maemo SDK. This image allow developers to fine tune testing and performance on their Nokia N800 and get software virtually ready for the new Nokia N810 as well.

The OS2008 final release for the N800 is expected to come on mid December. It will include several improvements based on N800 specific testing and the earliest feedback received from the usage of the N810 in real circumstances.

A known issue relevant to Navicore N800 Navikit users: the Navikit service is not enabled in this beta. The final release will include the functionality to upgrade the service to OS2008.


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Francis Bayaya
Karma: 6

skype keeps on closing after i made a call then after it closed u cannot lock the touch screen it says that you cannot lock the touch screen while calling. but the processor is great it boost up to 400mhz surfing internet is good.

2007-12-16 03:45 UTC
harishan n800
Karma: 9

I've been a week the beta os, not so happy because the browser always close unexpectedly. Even when visiting maemo.org especially on downloads page. can't even see the page. better wait for the official release.

*really love my tablet

2007-12-14 10:31 UTC
Eduardo Luis
Karma: 17

Is it safe to install OS2008 on N800 or that's a beta version yet??

2007-12-13 16:24 UTC
Sunil Khokhar
Karma: 5

unlike other release of os which requires to upgrade hardware , this version is working like a charm .. only 3 days of use ...hope gold version will be much better.


2007-12-01 14:01 UTC
Peter Tesone
Karma: 5

Any news about OS2008 for Nokia 770 or any hacker edition of OS2008?

2007-11-27 13:34 UTC
Quim Gil
Karma: 2662

I haven't tried, but your chances of getting OS2007 Navicore on the OS2008 are very little if any.

Upgrades via apt-get will come next year, in Diablo. OS2008 still ne3eds reflashing bit it allows you to backup the information about the third party applications you installed via Application Manager and will attempt to reinstall them automatically after reflashing.

2007-11-27 04:32 UTC
David Hagood
Karma: 29

Could I upgrade my N800, then install my current OS2007 version of Navicore, and have that work?

Could I then later upgrade to the OS2008 version of Wayfarer?

Once I upgrade to the beta of OS2008, would upgrading to the final 2008 require reflashing, or could the upgrade be done via apt-get/Application manager?

2007-11-26 21:44 UTC
Aniello Del Sorbo
Karma: 859

Let's just hope Nokia will ship it in time for the vacation :)


2007-11-26 16:03 UTC
Quim Gil
Karma: 2662

btw the estimation is to have the 500 N810 maemo contributor codes available in the online Nokia shops by December 15th.

2007-11-26 13:41 UTC
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