New OS2007 HE for the Nokia 770 with Mozilla engine and memory corruption bugfix

2007-11-13 23:55 UTC by Quim Gil

A new version of the Internet Tablet OS 2007 Hacker Edition for the Nokia 770 is now available for download. There are two improvements in this released compared to the previous one:

  • The Mozilla browser engine developed by Nokia is now available in addition to the Opera engine.
  • A critical bug causing memory corruption under certain wlan conditions has been fixed.

Both improvements carry a remarkable degree of user contributions, big thank you!

The development to bring the Hacker Edition to Chinook levels is ongoing. It's not being easy to make the OS2008 fit in the 770 hardware. We are keeping the plan to offer you a new HE release though, hopefully before the end of the year.

Remember: the OS2007 Hacker Edition is not an end-user ready release and it is not officially supported by Nokia.


Gerrit Overweg
Karma: 7

How do I handle certificates, which I need f.e. for bankaccounting?

2007-12-08 18:29 UTC
Brie Koyanagi
Karma: 18

It took a long time to download but it was worth it. My N770 runs faster and the web browser seems more stable and faster. Thanks to all that makes this possible. Now to only get flash 9 on it. Was considering getting the N800 (N810 too expensive) but with this new update my buddy (N770) and I are just fine. Thanks again.

2007-11-28 05:47 UTC
Karma: 14

Thanks. This works very well. Installed very quickly on top os os2006.

2007-11-26 17:04 UTC
Jonathan Eisch
Karma: 33

Thanks for this update, it works great! Keep up the good work, we really appreciate it.


2007-11-22 00:56 UTC

Only wanted the 770 to do one thing - access the web while on the move, i.e interact with a couple of websites (bank, airlines etc.) and collect e-mail via the web (client works but doesn't leave messages on the server for later at home) OS2006 failed to access the BA site correctly. The Mozilla version would not let you enter into some text fields (user id, passwords etc.) The look, feel and speed of OS2007 for 770 is great but it has the same failings in the Mozilla browser. The 770 is an Internet Tablet and falls at the first hurdle for me. Is the N800 any better in this regard?

2007-11-18 18:23 UTC
Zsolt Hajdu
Karma: 5

I gave this new HE release a try on my 770. (Before that I had OS2006.) The problem I have is that the virtual keyboard doesn't pop up when I tap on a text field. Has anyone else seen this issue ?

2007-11-17 22:50 UTC
Miia Ranta
Karma: 58

I also very distinctively remember picking Finnish as the language and all the wizards run after installation were indeed in Finnish - alas, the Tablet it self is in English after those have ended and the attempt to change the language ends up with the above mentioned results. Such a minor issue, but still, annoying. I already got used to having Finnish layout in my virtual keyboard.

2007-11-15 17:17 UTC
Levi Bard
Karma: 301

Fantastic, thanks! Looking forward to the Chinook-level releases already! Keep up the good work!

2007-11-15 13:09 UTC
Krischan Keitsch
Karma: 29

Great to see improvements for the 770. A great device - way too good to be old!

2007-11-14 22:02 UTC
Karma: 14

Does this come with better flash player thsn os2006? If not, what are the benefits? Cut down version of Mozilla browser is availble for os2006 already. I remember reading user reports on pervious os2007he that it slows the 770 right down. Without updated flash player is there any benefit to the user?

2007-11-14 20:58 UTC
Krischan Keitsch
Karma: 29

Great to see improvements for the 770. A great device - way too good to be old!

2007-11-14 20:57 UTC
Kaj-Michael Lang
Karma: 616

Unexpected, but a very nice surprise. Thanks :)

2007-11-14 09:57 UTC
Derek Wilson
Karma: 48

Maybe i selected the wrong setting on first boot, but it comes up as UK instead of US. trying to change it, i get "Device storage memory full. Remove data to free memory." It won't let me set my language / region.

2007-11-14 09:10 UTC

YEAW! Thats very very nice! I love my 770!

2007-11-14 07:21 UTC
Karma: 114

Great! Thank you for your ongoing work for us 770 fans

2007-11-14 06:22 UTC


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