New maemo website (and this is just the beginning)

2007-05-05 11:02 UTC by

We have finally launched the new maemo website. The changes are concentrated in the backend and the layout:

  • A dynamic homepage reflects what is going on in the maemo community, including Garage and Planet news.
  • A new layout is applied all across the * pages, providing a common user experience.
  • The core runs on top of a Midgard CMS, making content publishing much easier and decentralized.
  • The Announcements section reflects what is going on in the maemo project in addition to new software releases.
  • The Roadmap is now official, it will grow with more features and detail (up to you as well).
  • User accounts have been partially integrated, and now your Garage account will allow you to edit wiki pages as well.
  • New maemo logo features free fonts and wil be regulated by a trademark policy to be put under community review soon.
  • A maemo/Nokia separation is applied for the good of both i.e. Nokia licensed software is hosted now in Nokia servers.
  • maemo Bugzilla has been upgraded and now has look&feel integrated to the rest of the website.

Read Ferenc's announcement and Quim's backstage view for more details.

With the new tools in place, the next wave of effort will be concentrated on the web content and structure (among other projects to be announced soon). Some fixes and improvements are expected to happen soon, The real change, though, will come through a better integration between the maemo development team and the online documentation, Bugzilla and mailing lists. We have started looking at our processes to make this happen. The immediate hire of the so long awaited doc manager will definitely help.

Your feedback is appreciated, as always. Remember to submit bugs as such in Bugzilla, as well as feature requests.


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