Maemo Eclipse Integration 2nd Edition Beta 1 released

2009-05-22 15:08 UTC by Jarmo Tikka

The Maemo Eclipse Integration 2nd Edition project has reached it's third prerelease Beta 1 targeting final release 2H2009.

Maemo Eclipse Integration 2nd Edition will offer professional features and future proof framework for Maemo Eclipse Integration. In addition to the native C programming language Maemo Eclipse Integration fully supports both C++ and Python development.

This Maemo Eclipse Integration Edition 2 Beta 1 release supports Maemo Diablo 4.1.2 developmentenvironment with N800, N810 and N810 Wimax Edition Internet Tablet devices and Maemo Fremantle 5.0 Beta development environment (with coming new devices).

Release Information

Project: Maemo Eclipse Integration 2nd Edition
Version: Beta 1
Baselines: Maemo Diablo 4.1.2 SDK and Maemo Fremantle 5.0 SDK Beta
Date: 2009-05-22 

Detailed Beta 1 release information is available from wiki and product Garage projects

General Information

High level documentation about Maemo Eclipse Integration is available from site Maemo IDE Integration pages.

Maemo Eclipse Integration 2nd Edition includes the following parts:

  • Eclipse 3.4.2 IDE (Ganymede SP2) for C/C++ Developers (official release from
  • Maemo PC Connectivity v0.4.5 (Diablo extras-devel repository version)
  • Host PC Connectivity v0.6 for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X (PC Connectivity Garage project versions)
  • Maemo ESbox plugin for Eclipse v2.0.0M4 (Esbox Garage project version)
  • Maemo Pluthon plugin for Eclipse v2.0.0M4 (Pluthon Garage project version)
  • Maemo Mica plugin framework for Eclipse v2.0.0M4 (Mica Garage project version)
  • Maemo C/C++ and Python programming language support (Diablo extras repository versions)
  • Maemo SDK Virtual Images 0.10 (to support other than Debian based Linuxes)

New Features

Detailed list of new features implemented for this Beta 1 release together with feature plan for next Beta 2 release is available in wiki Eclipse Integration Feature Plan page.

Here is (very) short list of features:

  • Maemo SDK Virtual Images support VMWare, VirtualBox and QEmu
  • good support for MS Windows XP with SP3 and Vista with SP1
  • initial support for Mac OS X (Leopard)
  • VNC support for Internet Tablet with native client and Eclipse plugin
  • support for USB, BlueTooth and WLAN connectivity methods between Internet Tablet and host PC
  • support for SSH, RSE and SBRSH connection types between Internet Tablet and host PC
  • easy configuration and usage of connectivity (with configurable connectivity environments)
  • easy installation of Eclipse products and after that Maemo development environments with Eclipse wizards
  • easy development process for debugging and tracing C/C++/Python on Maemo SDK and Internet Tablet
  • automatic generation of Debian installation packages
  • easy flashing of Internet Tablet with Eclipse flasher wizard,
  • etc.

Complete feature lists for each product and installation instructions for all Beta 1 components can be found from Maemo Garage  project pages and Beta 1 Release Notes.

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