Maemo Diablo 4.1 Reference Manual released

2008-12-23 11:38 UTC by Jarmo Tikka

Final version of Maemo Diablo Reference Manual (release documentation for maemo 4.1.x releases) has now been published as part of Maemo 4.1.2 platform maintenance release.

Maemo Reference Manual collects together all maemo release specific documentation into one "maemo book " and set of related example applications.

For previous maemo releases platform documentation was provided as separate how-to documents, tutorials and training materials. For Diablo release maemo team has restructured and unified our whole platform release documentation to be in more readable and printable format. The whole maemo release documentation set in now available for everyone in both HTML and PDF formats.

Notice that together with Maemo Reference Manual maemo team will continue to provide also training material for platform releases. Training material will be based on Reference Manual and can be used as basis for external maemo course portfolios but also as selfstudy material. Diablo update for maemo training material will be released later on.