logo competition is open!

2008-06-18 11:52 UTC by Dave Neary

As the Maemo brand is being redefined, becomes clearly the space of collaboration of the Maemo community, organized around open source tools and ways of working.

As part of the redefinition of, we're holding a contest to choose the new logo of the community. The competition is now open, and runs until the 27th of July.

The creator of the winning logo will receive a prize from Nokia, consisting of an invitation to attend OSiM World and the Maemo Summit in Berlin in September, a Nokia N810 WiMAX Edition, and bragging rights.

The rules and guidelines for submissions are on the contest page.

Good luck an good drawing to all!


thier cito
Karma: 38

Is there an entry form, I just uploaded the logo and a Maemo™ Logo as well. I was wandering how do we get a confirmation that the entry have been accepted. Best Regards

Thier Peraza

2008-06-19 05:39 UTC


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