maemo 2.0 'mistral' beta and Internet Tablet OS 2006 edition Beta released

2006-06-09 17:00 UTC by test admin

Maemo 2.0 'mistral' beta together with Internet Tablet OS 2006 edition BETA is released and available for download. The beta release is for maemo developers. Developers are encouraged to test and provide feedback

Maemo 2.0 'mistral' introduces a major binary break due to the adoption of EABI toolchain and several API changes requiring porting of all existing maemo 1.1 applications to maemo 2.0 'mistral'. This early release provides an opportunity for maemo developers to port and test their 1.1 applications to 2.0 before the final Internet Tablet OS 2006 edition release due 2nd quarter 2006.

Maemo 2.0 'mistrat' beta release includes development environment for x86, armel together with new documentation and porting instructions. Some of the new features listed as part of Maemo 2.0 roadmap are not yet supported in the beta release like the Real Time Communication framework Telepathy / Farsight. Maemo 2.0 'mistral' compatible scratchbox and toolchains are available from

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