Introducing Niels Breet

2008-02-01 09:45 UTC by Quim Gil

The maemo community grows (10x users joined during 2007) and some of the needs start being more complex to articulate (i.e. how to define an extras repository managed by the community). We at Nokia want to discuss with the maemo contributors higher levels of community empowerment around What, when, how...

We have decided to put some fuel in this process by funding some time of a person able to push the community agenda and work for it. Last year Niels Breet was really useful helping with the migration, developing the revamped Downloads sections and privoding lots of fixes and good feedback. Since... now he is being paid by Nokia part time to work on, to facilitate discussion and potential maemo projects and to do more or less whatever the community thinks it would be good for him to do.

He has already got the responsibility on some tasks that were done by Nokia employees: approving Garage projects and Planet feeds, selecting the Pearl, approving Garage news to the home... something to start and build upon. He also got some tasks in the February sprint, being one of the most important ones to come up with a plan for the community management of extras and extras-devel. Please discuss and work with him in these and other tasks.

Thanks Niels and best wishes in your new role! 


Hello Niels,

My emacs port recently got approved on garage, however, it seems there is a 10 Mb upload limit. Emacs is a 30 Mb package!!

Can we try to solve this?

Please contact me:

Thank you.


Daniel Szmulewicz

2008-02-08 09:27 UTC


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