Introducing Dave Neary

2008-04-28 06:30 UTC by Quim Gil

Dave Neary is reading all kinds of maemo content as we speak: developer documentation, mailing list archives, web pages at He has a good reason for that: Nokia is funding some of his time to work as the content guy for the maemo community. Just like Niels Breet, he is being paid to follow your agenda and move forward those tasks and topics that interest you more.


Dave is a good organizer, communicator, writer and DIY professional, with proven tracks in the GIMP, GNOME and OpenWengo communities. While Niels concentrates on the web applications and server infrastructure, Dave takes care of the content in the website, and the ways for you to help improving it and get the ownership. Last year we made some steps in this direction with the social news and the revamped downloads. Now the revamped wiki plan and the fact of having someone listening and thinking how to go further should bring us to a next level.