Internet Tablet Hacker Edition pushed at Chinook level

2008-02-14 13:27 UTC by Quim Gil

There are two new releases of the Internet Tablet Hacker Edition but READ CAREFULLY before starting to download:
  • If you are adventurous power user willing to try out unstable releases then go for it and get Chinook/OS2008 level software in your 770. Don't miss the known issues and instructions below.
  • If you are a more conservative user and/or you want your 770 to be as reliable as it is now, then you are encouraged to keep using the last HE software based on Bora/OS2007. There is now a patched version allowing the change of language, a fix relevant to those users willing to have the interface in a language different than English.
About making Chinook/OS2008 fit in the 770: it has not been easy and the result is not fully satisfactory. All built-in applications start and run including VoIP but overall the device is not responsive and reliable enough for serious usage.

Hardware limitations are clear in certain circumstances, extra swap memory is required to get a decent performance, the device reboots from time to time... This release is definitely not recommended to end users and not even to users depending on this device alone. We are releasing it to show how far we have gone but for us this is a proof that the Hacker Edition has reached its limit. Still, the maemo community might find it interesting and some of you perhaps want to experiment with it. This release goes for you.

Known issues

  • Browser works nicely but there is no Flash.
  • Music player works nicely but video playback is unreliable.
  • It needs at least 16 MB of swap memory in the external memory card, much better if you allocate more.
  • No serious test has been done on third party applications. Some work, some don't. For example Maemo Mapper works, while Canola doesn't even boot.

Instructions to mount a swap partition on the external memory

Get root permissions (sudo gainroot) and then edit the file /etc/osso-af-init/

-export INTERNAL_MMC_MOUNTPOINT=/media/mmc2
+export INTERNAL_MMC_MOUNTPOINT=/media/mmc1

Then reboot, and the Memory Applet will allow swap creation.

Brave 770 hackers enjoy! (all the rest you probably want to keep your current HE version)


Gerrit Overweg
Karma: 7

installing skype gives the message that it cann't be installed. It is than installed anaway. I can login, but are not able to talk. Skype test call: No shared codec. Skype out: Error soundrecording. Using Gizmo: No sound. I see that others managed to get Skype working?

2008-02-25 10:17 UTC
David Hagood
Karma: 29

Don't even THINK about installing the RTCOMM beta - that way lies madness (or rather, perpetual reboot).

I think much of the problem are apps being compiled for the later revision of the ARM that is in the N800, and failing on the 770 with an illegal operation fault. Either we are going to need to see applications built to support the OMAP 1710 or we are going to have to see a kernel module to support emulating the missing instructions (with the inevitable loss of speed).

At a minimum, it seems to me that a rebuild of the gstreamer libraries for the older OMAP might allow the media player to play video: as I understand it, the video decode has been moved from the DSP to the ARM core.

2008-02-19 15:06 UTC
Karma: 8

Very Well done. A bit Slow but very functional except internet Radio volume is very low, can barely hear it.

2008-02-17 21:22 UTC
Karma: 14

I tried it for a couple of days and then flashed back to os2006!! Actually I found it remarkably better than the above anouncement had me believe! I found the browser was very useable and if you did not do anything for about a minute after boot up, it did not crash (i.e. remained stable)! I flashed back to os2006 because the media players (ukmp, canola) don't work on this. Any future releases will be eagerly awaited!

2008-02-17 18:22 UTC
Kees Jongenburger
Karma: 161

I tried this release in the hope of running skype. installing skype worked from command after trying to install it using the app-manager for a few times. It gives an error when it tries to do sound recording. The browser is very slow, you have done what was possible and it was not enough.

2008-02-16 15:45 UTC
Krischan Keitsch
Karma: 29

I went for the patched 2007 Hacker Edition – It works very well. Thanks to all involved! It is good to see ongoing development for the 770!

2008-02-15 18:28 UTC
Aniello Del Sorbo
Karma: 860

Skype works, Map does not :/ Need more testing.. but looks rather good so far :)

2008-02-15 17:37 UTC
Rolf Offermanns
Karma: 16

I agree. It is better, than the announcement makes you think. I use my N770 primarily for Web and EMail, and i am really happy to finally get modest running. Thanks to all involved!!

The swap patch is not necessary, btw. It works out of the box.


2008-02-15 08:38 UTC
Frantisek Dufka
Karma: 642

The announcement sounds a bit gloomy. In reality it is not that bad. Yes, it is slower than 2007HE but first OS2007 firmware was slow too. Many thanks for this and please don't stop :-) It is great we have Chinook on 770. Even if some people may not choose this as their primary system is is still very useful for running something available for Chinook only (as secondary system on MMC) or as a base for some custom special purpose application developed with Chinook SDK (and Vala for instance). Definitely not wasted time.

I also hope OS2008 will be optimized a bit more even for N8x0 and future OS2008HE will benefit from it too.

paul m: kernel and initfs is still the same

2008-02-14 21:26 UTC
Paul M
Karma: 233

are you using the kernel from os2007HE or a newer one?

2008-02-14 20:46 UTC
Paul M
Karma: 233

well done to all who made this possible, I look forward to you refining it and making it at least a bit more stable and refined.

2008-02-14 20:44 UTC


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