Community council elections - voting closes Wednesday

2008-09-08 12:32 UTC

Voting in the inaugural Maemo Community Council Election is underway!

Polls opened on Wednesday the 3rd of September, and will run until Wednesday the 10th of September, 23:59 UTC. Everyone who had a account on the 10th of June 2008 was eligible to vote. If you believe that you should have received a ballot, and have not yet received it, please contact Dave Neary as soon as possible, and your token will be re-issued.

The final candidate list (in alphabetical order, with their username) is:

  • Ryan Abel (GeneralAntilles)
  • Jamie Bennett (baloo)
  • Andrew Flegg (Jaffa)
  • Eduardo Lima (Etrunko)
  • Ryan Pavlik (megabyte405)
  • Simon Pickering (lardman)
  • Tim Samoff (timsamoff)
You can read the candidates reasons for running, and click through to
their Maemo profiles, on the candidates wiki page.