Maemo Flasher-3.5 Tool Beta for Fremantle and Diablo released


The Maemo Eclipse Integration 2nd Edition project has released installation packages for Maemo Flasher-3.5 Tool Beta for Linuxes, Mac OS X and Windows. Maemo Flasher-3.5 tool supports flashing of N8x0 Diablo devices and coming Fremantle devices.

Maemo Flasher-3.5 Tool details  - Version: - Beta - Date: June 30, 2009 - Hardware supported: Nokia N800, N810 and N810 Wimax with Diablo 4.1.x and coming Fremantle compatible device with Fremantle 5.x Supported operating systems  - Linuxes (Debian installation package available for Debian based Linuxes and tar ball for others... [More]

posted on 2009-06-30 12:31 UTC by Jarmo Tikka. 2 comments.