N810 maemo device program open for submissions

2007-10-18 12:01 UTC by Quim Gil



Keeping the good tradition, we want to offer the new Nokia N810 Internet Tablet to the most active contributors of the maemo community, as soon as possible and as affordably as possible. The N810 maemo device program starts *now* with 500 discount codes entitling their fortunate owners to get a device for 99€ (or equivalent price in other currencies).

The call is addressed not only to open source programmers, but also to designers, documentation writers, community supporters, maemo evangelists, bloggers… In order to apply go to your maemo profile (same login as the so-called Garage account) and make your request there. Please read carefully the instructions, terms and conditions.

Some time next week we will provide more details about the selection process, but this is the basic you need to know:

  • Contributors apply themselves through their maemo profiles. No invitation is needed. Please don't send us extra emails, they won't help you.
  • Nokia & related professionals stay out. In case of doubt don’t ask: apply.
  • Open contributions & community involvement are the main rules to select the winners, but newcomers can get merits by proposing creative ideas requiring such device (open source and non-profit are a must).
  • The 500 discount codes will be distributed the same day the N810 is available for purchase in the online Nokia shops.
PS: We will develop more functionality around these profiles, as detailed in the maemo CRM requirements. Stay tuned.


I 've worked for a SIP stack to connect Asterisk with my Nokia 770 ... I'd like to continue this Job on N810 . Christophe

2007-10-23 10:17 UTC
Paolo Correnti
Karma: 5

You're looking for open source programmers, but also designers, documentation writers, community supporters, maemo evangelists and so on. I think I can give my little contribute in these fields also without a N810. Best regards

2007-10-23 05:27 UTC
Olivier Leplus
Karma: 22

I am going to suscribe to have a N810. Will you read the reasons I want one if I wrote them in french? (I don't speak english very well)


2007-10-22 09:00 UTC
Antonio Di Cello
Karma: 80

my native language is Italian

2007-10-19 18:08 UTC
Antonio Di Cello
Karma: 80

English I am a young programmer and blogger I have long been a passionate and fantastic maemo Nokia 770 mythical and the first tablet that has been baked by nokia (I made many sacrifices in order to buy! ! Students are always without money! !) . I have faced in the extreme and testing of hardware components built by me and software script To increase functionality. On my blog, there are several articles of my projects both hardware and software, I love advertise events maemo and internet tablet nokia. Always follow the community Planet of maemo I noticed is that of Italians there. I am one of the first and only "maybe" To deepen the very platform maemo 4.0 and touch the beautiful nokia n810 but I do not have the economic ability to take a price Full 399 Euro. I would be very nice to receive a bonus to purchase $ 99 to Discover new hardware and create a new and large Italian community on maemo platform. I Efforts to publicize the beautiful way to involve my university (Unical-University of Calabria) and young programmers like me! ! I could also participate in creating solutions translations of howto for the new n810 and its predecessors. Moreover community are all in English and Italian, and many people who do not know English do not participate actively in the community planet, instead of with a fork in Italian planet can participate in Italian language Some of my posts nokia n800 770; http://rafanto.wordpress.com/?s=nokia+770&searchbutton=go%21 ITALIAN VERSION Io sono un giovane programmatore e blogger mi sono appassionato da tempo a maemo e al fantastico e mitico nokia 770 il primo tablet che è stato sfornato da nokia ( ho fatto tanti sacrifici per poterlo acquistare!! gli studenti sono sempre senza soldi!!) . Mi sono cimentato nell'uso e nella sperimentazione estrema di componenti hardware da me costruiti e software script per aumentare le funzionalità. Sul mio blog ci sono parecchi articoli dei miei progetti sia hardware che software, amo pubblicizzare gli eventi di maemo e degli internet tablet nokia. Seguo sempre la community Planet di maemo è ho notato che di italiani non c'è . Io sono uno dei primi e degli unici "forse" ad approfondire molto la piattaforma maemo 4.0 e toccare con mano il bellissimo nokia n810 ma non ho la possibilità economica di prenderlo a prezzo pieno a 399 Euro. Secondo me sarebbe davvero bello poter ricevere un bonus per acquistarlo a 99$ per poter scoprire il nuovo hardware e creare una nuova e numerosa comunity italiana sulla piattaforma maemo. Io mi impegno a pubblicizzare il bellissimo sistema per coinvolgere la mia università (Unical - Università della Calabria ) e giovani programmatori come me!! alcuni dei miei post sul nokia 770 e n800 http://rafanto.wordpress.com/?s=nokia+770&searchbutton=go%21

2007-10-19 18:07 UTC
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Quim Gil> Thanks ... i'm sorry english isn't my native language and i ve don't understand very well. But i ve apply it now :)

So for those have the same problem like me don't use the direct link, i don't know why but login don't work with firefox. Go to http://maemo.org and then log in into your account and then you can ask for a ticket by clicking on a button 'apply' on your profile information.

2007-10-19 14:04 UTC
Simon Pickering
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When you edit your profile there's a button on the top right-hand side that you should click to apply for the device. You then fill out details, reasons why, etc.

I'd missed this as it was partly hidden under the floating toolbar thing (my own fault for having moved it over that side I suppose).

That's why I asked the question :)

2007-10-19 13:26 UTC

Thank you for a brilliant device that is rare example of a company responsive to customer demand. I luv to see how easy it is to add location based applications around the GPS subsystem like a maps / twitter thingy. So ya throw me one.

2007-10-19 12:25 UTC

I have tested many applications on N800 and N810. I love this gadget very much but unfortunately i don't have one with me. I would like to have one and use it to bring awareness in the student community.

2007-10-19 12:10 UTC
Quim Gil
Karma: 2662

i doesn't understand very well how can i ask for a device ? and where ?

Hi Benoît and the rest of people commenting here. Can you please READ THE ANNOUNCEMENT above? It is explained there i.e. where it says "In order to apply go to your maemo profile"

If you comment here but don't apply there your comment is worth nothing. If you apply there and comment here you comment still worths nothing (sorry) since what counts is the application.

As said plenty of posts above, having a thread with 500 comments is just senseless. Thank you.

PS: what are the maemo profiles for? I will blog about this one of these days - now they are useful for the device program.

2007-10-19 11:32 UTC