Nokia N810 Internet Tablet unveiled

2007-10-17 16:05 UTC by Quim Gil

The Nokia N810 Internet Tablet has just been announced! More pictures and details available at The main novelties are a slide keyboard, integrated GPS and smaller size. The device ships with the OS2008 based on maemo 4.0 Chinook, fully compatible with the Nokia N800. The new operating system includes official Mozilla based browser and SIP calls, optimized Flash video, Windows Media support, Maps application and a catchy UI better adapted to be in your hands. Nokia will provide more details about the new OS features later this week.

The Nokia N810 will be in the shops on mid November. As soon as sales start, N800 users will be able to upgrade to the OS2008 as well. We encourage all developers to have their software ported to Chinook as soon as possible, since we expect users doing a fast move to OS2008. Both devices run exactly the same operating system: packages tested and working in a Nokia N800 with OS 2008 should work just as well in a N810. We will publish tomorrow the details of the N810 maemo device program.

This device also marks a new phase of maemo in the Nokia context. Forum Nokia offers now maemo support to professional developers, with a special focus on developers new to this platform and Linux development in general. The maemo support pack in Forum Nokia includes presence and promotion in events, training courses, cooperation with universities and processes for software companies specializing in maemo to stablish relations with Nokia.

There is more maemo progress in Nokia, but let’s talk about it later this week. In the meantime, enjoy the news!