New Internet Tablet OS 2007 edition version with memory card fix

2007-10-02 12:29 UTC by Quim Gil

Nokia has released a new version of the Internet Tablet OS 2007 edition, available now for download. This new release (version number 4.2007.38-2) provides a software fix for a bug which may have appeared while copying large amount of data over-the-air or from external SDHC memory card to internal memory or vice versa. In some cases the downloaded data may have corrupted.

This new release fixes also a bug which drops in some cases voltage from memory card, though cards should manage this kind of situations without corruption.

You can update the software on your Nokia N800 Internet Tablet using your compatible Windows PC (see also the instructions for Linux). Hook up your Nokia N800 Internet Tablet to your computer and launch the Internet Tablet Software Update wizard. The wizard will automatically update your device with the latest software release. If you have not yet installed the Internet Tablet Software update wizard onto your computer, please see instructions at the N800 support pages.