maemo 3.2 Bora released with minor updates

2007-07-06 07:20 UTC by Quim Gil

Maemo 3.2 Bora consists of a minor release based on the Nokia Internet Tablet OS 2007 edition, feature upgrade. It is fully compatible with the previous 3.x versions. Upgrading to this version is highly recommended in order to get the latest stable code and bugfixes. Developers using maemo 3.1 SDK only need to upgrade their packages, the rest have to install maemo 3.1 and then upgrade. Check the full release notes for more detailed information and instructions.

This is the last maemo 3.x release, now development is focusing on maemo 4.0 Chinook. Developers can follow the latest open development through the maemo Sardine unstable distribution.

The maemo 3.2 Bora SDK contains the following components:

  • Bora repositories with updated maemo 3.2 packages.
  • Updated Scratchbox installer (installs Scratchbox Apophis R4)
  • Nokia EUSA binaries installer in self-extracting archive.

If no SDK is installed the developer should first install the maemo 3.1 as a base SDK with the provided script and then do the "dist-upgrade". See the INSTALL.TXT file for details.

maemo 3.2 tools

This release contains additional or updated tools and other helper applications:

  • bluez-hcidump - reads raw HCI data to and from a Bluetooth device and prints it on screen in human readable form.
  • htop - interactive process viewer.
  • nano - a lightweight editor.
  • netcat - TCP/IP swiss army knife, which can read and write data across network connections.
  • sysstat - system performance tools.
  • tcpdump - dump traffic on a network.
  • wireless-tools - tools for manipulating linux Wireless Extensions.
  • x-debug-tools - debug utilities for debugging X server and clients.
  • xresponse - measures UI response times.
  • xrestop - provides statistics for each connected X11 client's server-side resource usage.

Check for the list of tools and their use case.

Documentation updates

New or updated documents for maemo 3.2:

Content comparison

Content comparison table of maemo 3.1 and maemo 3.2 is available from:


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