maemo trademark policy draft

2007-05-11 16:38 UTC by Quim Gil

We have just published the maemo trademark policy draft for community review. Its purpose is to regulate the usage of the maemo mark, owned by Nokia, basically allowing the good uses and discouraging all the rest. We have followed a flexible approach similar to the Mozilla Foundation Trademark Policy and the GNOME Trademark Licensing.

Please have your say. This trademark is also a tool to protect your interests as maemo users and developers.

The materials:
Start here specially if you are not familiar with trademark texts. Contains the most essential elements of the rest of documents.
The basic text. Contains the what, the why and the how.
Willing to use the maemo mark? Have a look here for guidance and instructions.
The set of official logos. The one that is in the current web header plus other variants (B/W, 3D, etc).

Of course all the projects/products currently called maemo something can keep the name. You were quicker than us, well done. You will be subject to the policy and guidelines, though, just like anybody else (including i.e. the team running this website).

New projects/products willing to have a name maemo something will need to contact us for authorization. This is normal practice for the use of many open source related marks.


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