1. Accessories
    1. Bluetooth Plugin
    2. Clock applet
    3. FBReader
    4. Plucker Viewer
    5. Xkbd-btHID
    6. Bloglines Notifier
    7. UPnP Device Monitor
    8. webquery home applet
    9. Maemo Mapper
  2. Education
    1. Granule
  3. Games
    1. Battlegweled
    2. Blitzkrieg Onslaught
    3. CrazyParking
    4. Crimson Fields
    5. Doom
    6. GFrotz
    7. GNU Go
    8. GPE-sudoku
    9. gTans
    10. Gtkmagnetic
    11. IceBreaker
    12. La Pulga
    13. Leaping Lemmings
    14. MaemoBlocks
    15. MaemoDrac
    16. Maemo-Sudoku
    17. MaemoSwap ( Minesweeper )
    18. Nako
    19. Nethack
    20. Snake
    21. Sauna
    22. ScummVM
    23. Sokoban
    24. SnowBall
    25. Tetringo
    26. Tux Pux
    27. Twin Distress
    28. Xtris
    29. Toppler
    30. XBill
  4. Graphics
    1. Horizon
    2. Tux Paint
    3. Maemopad+
  5. Internet and Networking
    1. Bloglines 770
    3. CTorrent (Enhanced)
    4. GAIM internet messenger
    5. GPE-mini-browser
    6. MANaOS (mozilla-based) Web Browser
    7. Grsync
    8. VNC viewer
    9. VNC server
    10. X-Chat
    11. Gmailmon
    12. MaemoFTP
  6. Office
    1. AbiWord
    2. DejaPIM
    3. Evince
    4. GPE PIM suite
    5. Gnumeric
    6. Nticker
  7. Multimedia
    1. McClient/McReceiver (Remote Control)
    2. Ogg Vorbis Player
    3. PLCreator
    4. Flite Maemo with gstreamer support
    5. Flite Maemo
  8. System Tools
    1. GUI-Based
      1. CPU/Mem/Screenshot applet
      2. CPU/Mem/Screenshot applet with SwapOn/Off
      3. IpHome homepage-plugin
      4. Statusbar network monitor
      5. Themes: 14pt Fonts
      6. X Terminal Emulator (xterm)
      7. Reverse Shell
      8. MaemoPad
      9. CPU/MEM load graph
    2. Commandline-Based (Shell only)
      1. Bash
      2. Bind Utils (dig, nslookup, host)
      3. Bluetooth OBEX server
      4. Bluetooth port scanning suite
      5. btscanner
      6. Curl
      7. Dropbear SSH client and server
      8. GnuPG
      9. Gnuplot
      10. GNU utilities: bc, find, xargs, gcal, wget
      11. IP Utils
      12. Irssi IRC client
      13. Joe
      14. knock
      15. make, cvs, ls --color, unzip, vi, ...
      16. metapackage: osso-xterm (et al)
      17. mmc-unionfs
      18. portmapper/rpc.portmap
      19. Midnight Commander
      20. NEURON
      21. Nmap, the port scanner
      22. Octave
      23. OpenVPN, an open source SSL VPN solution
      24. OpenSSH SSH client and server
      25. PINE mail and news client
      26. rsync
      27. sendip
      28. slocate/locate
      29. Telnet Client
      30. Tcpdump
      31. Tenex C Shell (tcsh)
      32. tnftp
      33. Unison
      34. Vim
      35. Vim 6.4 (rich-featured)
      36. WirelessTools
      37. Dsniff
      38. socat
      39. Aircrack-ng
      40. mug-usbnet
      41. mug-pkgtools
      42. netsukuku
  9. Programming
    1. Python
    2. Guile Scheme
    3. GUnit
    4. Ruby
    5. SmallBASIC
  10. Libraries and Other Dependencies
  11. Other sources and repositories
    1. Maemo Garage
    2. Maemo Apps
    3. Maemo Repository

Welcome. Even though is a developer forum, this page is dedicated to applications that are mature enough to be made available for end-users. If you find an application here that does not yet work, please move it to ApplicationCatalogWip.

When you are adding your program to this list, please make sure that the program is end-user ready. Also, specify any problems with it, along with precise instructions about any installation tricks, or any other libraries that must be installed to make it work.

Applications listed on these page are Maemo 1.1 compatible and usable for Internet tablet OS Edition 2005 installed devices. These applications WILL NOT WORK on devices with Internet Tablet 2006 Edition. For those, check out ApplicationCatalog2006.

MoinMoinWiki Macro: TableOfContents


Bluetooth Plugin

A Maemo desktop statusbar plugin that allows you to connect Bluetooth keyboards and GPS modules to the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet.

Clock applet

The clock applet provides a clock in the status area of the desktop. It shows an analog or a digital clock, picking up the configuration of the Clock application provided by Nokia.

Note: The clock applet appears to only support 24-hour format, regardless of the local time display settings.


FBReader is a e-book reader originally written for Zaurus platform. Supported formats are: * FB2 -- a XML-based format popular in Russia * plain text * html * plucker * OEB -- open ebook format * RTF -- rich text format * some other formats (AportisDoc, zTXT, ... -- please see home page for details).

To download the package, please go to the port page and download the package from there.

Plucker Viewer

run Plucker Viewer, you must also install the libsqlite0 package on the download page.

Plucker is an offline Web and e-book viewer for PalmOS® based handheld devices and PDAs. Plucker comes with Unix, Linux Windows and Mac OSX tools, scripts, and conduits that let you decide exactly what part of the World Wide Web you'd like to download onto your PDA (as long as they're in standard HTML or text format). These web pages are then processed, compressed, and transferred to the PDA for viewing by the Plucker viewer.

Tutorial Page:

An html slideshow on how to use the Plucker Viewer within Maemo, and how to use Plucker Desktop to make pdb files


This is a soft-HID device. A software implementation of a Bluetooth HID Keyboard. This will turn your Nokia770 into a Bluetooth keyboard. More details here.

Bloglines Notifier

Author*: Moises Martinez
* **Source
* Download:
* Screenshot:

A small applet to show the Bloglines' notifier. Bloglines 770 RSS Reader
- Added button to refresh the notifier with notify inside. - small bugfixes. new Makefile.

UPnP Device Monitor

ProtoSys Maemo UPnP Monitor Status bar plugin is a simple plugin which monitors and notifies detected UPnP devices available on the network.

webquery home applet

Author*: Jake Richardson
* **Source
* Download:
* Screenshot:

Home applet that lets you fire off a query to websites. Currently, only the default sites from firefox's search bar are included.

Usage tip: just hit the home button to gain access the query applet instantly!

Todo: * configurable list of queried sites * change dropdown to a firefox searchbar style widget, reducing applet size => place in non-used space on home

Send me suggestions for further features.

Maemo Mapper

A GPS navigation system. Usable as a Google Maps browser even if you do not have a GPS device.

Discussions about Maemo Mapper are on



Port of Granule flashcards program.

granule is a Leitner flashcards program with built-in methodology for learning new words effectively. Debian package and dependencies:

Some keybinding hints:

  • Scroll_Down to Space

  • Zoom_Out(-) to Left_Arrow

  • Zoom_In(+) to Right_Arrow

Please, read the manual before asking any questions.

Report all bugs/suggestions to Bugzilla



Simple multiplayer game, based on the classic bejeweled. This version uses a Multiplayer API that we will provide for you next week. It ease the development of multiplayer games on MAEMO. this game was based on gweled.

Blitzkrieg Onslaught

  • Direct Download link:
  • Source Code:

A tank artillery game similar to the classic scorched earth (or other open source clones such as Xscorch and Atanks). This game was designed for the 770 from the ground up and thus works quite well on it. Features include: * Destructible, collapsing terrain * Currently 19 large, cunning and fairly painful weapons such as death heads, hot napalm and dirt balls. * A computer AI that is clever to the point that it will be made far dumber in the next version. * Turn based multilayer for up to 10 players. * Lots of flashy colours, movement and fun that should keep you giggling in uncharitable schadenfreude towards the charred remains of your friends tanks for hours.

Contributions, comments and constructive criticism (forgive the alliteration) can be sent to c.moore at


Simple Rush-hour based game 12 levels in this first version!

Crimson Fields

*Home Page:
*Status: Deb available, minor update to V0.492 (corrupt V0.491 removed - thanks Machiel!) - changes: added icon, fixed home key behaviour
*Screenshots: Click to see

A tactical game in the style of Battle Isle.


*Homepage and Download:
*Direct Download link (mirror):

This is the demo version of doom 1. If you have the full doom1, you can copy your .wad to the device and play the full game. The multiplayer feature is implemented and you can also play against a pc-scratchbox game. This port was done using the lxdoom, that was derived from sdlDoom. FYI: Installs ad-hoc wireless network "musgo" for multiplayer feature which is only deleted upon removal of the game!



*Home page:
*Status: Ported and working.
*Author: Nick Price
*Screenshot: Click to see
*Direct Download Link:

The classic game of Go on your Nokia 770. Please note that being a console app, it requires xterm to be installed and will install no application icon. You can run it from xterm by running /var/lib/install/usr/bin/gnugo


*Home page: Unknown
*Status: Ported and working, still in development to add some features.
*Author: Luca De Cicco
*Screenshot: Click to see
*Port page: Not available yet. Deb here:

A math game; does not allow you to create puzzles.


*Original game:
*Home page:
*Status: working, bug with spin button, partially fixed (it looks slow).
*Author: Donars Guillaume

The Tangram is a chinese puzzle. The object is to put seven geometric shapes together so as to form a given outline. All the pieces must be used and are laid next to one another. The pieces are five triangles, a square and a parallelogram.


*Home Page:
*Status: Port of gtkmagnetic 1.2 done, .deb available. In order to let the virual keyboard pop-up on the N770, I had to make the text area editable; this way you can mess it by writing chracters in the middle of a location's description, but fortunately the GUI accepts command typed only at the bottom line (at the prompt sign), so games are still fully playable.
With this second build I fixed a bug / missing feature preventing you to create save files in some adventures (Wonderland and all the Magnetic Windows versions) and, more importantly, stalling the game itself when issueing special commands (like #SCRIPT and #RECORD).

Maemo port of a GTK GUI for Magnetic 2.2, a free Magnetic Scrolls (tm) textual adventures interpreter (The Pawn, Guild of Thieves, etc.). You can download all the necessary game files from here:


*Direct Download link (mirror):
*Homepage and Download:

Simple port of the original iceBreaker game.

La Pulga

***Direct Download link **:

This little game was born in the Sinclair ZX81 times and now I have rewritten it for PDAs devices. It is an experimental job and there are not many features you'd find in commercial games, like spectacular special effects and so on, but it is a very funny and addictive game.

Leaping Lemmings

Python/pyGame ported from by Anakinsw

Home page: (Maemo port) Screenshots: Download:


*Direct Download link (mirror):
*Homepage and Download:

A simple Tetris-like game for your 770. Since the rocker is not as great for gaming as it could be, we implemented a simple drag and release solution if the stylus, so you can play also grabbing pieces around. Based on GPE tetris


*Direct Download link (mirror):
*Homepage and Download:

Simple Solitaire like game. Based on Drac.


*Home Page: none yet
*Author: nomis on IRC
*Status: Fully playable
*Date added: Jan-20-2006
*Last Updated: Jan-20-2006
*Direct Download link:

A sudoku game for the Nokia 770. Sudoku is a math puzzle game; see for more information. Comes with 60 puzzles, with no option for generating new ones.

Development proposal: Resorting columns 1 to 3 and similarly columns 9 to 7 would generate new layout of same sudoku while maintaining symmetry. Also, optionally swapping columns 4 and 6 does the same. Same goes for rows. Also entire set of columns 1 to 3 can be swapped with columns 7 to 9. Same things ofcause apply on rows. In addition of that number from 1 to 9 can be reassigned and sudoku can be turned 90 degrees. With combination of these tricks those 60 puzzles could be turned to 69120 different layouts, not counting reassignation of the numbers.

MaemoSwap ( Minesweeper )

*Direct Download link (mirror):
*Homepage and Download:

Simple mine sweeper clone. simple fun =)


*Home Page:
*Status: Ported
*Port Page:
*Screenshot: Click to see

Native Nokia 770 memory game. Install and play.


NetHack is a roguelike computer game originally released in 1987. It is an evolution of an earlier game called Hack (1985) which was itself an evolution of Rogue (1980). The name NetHack references the fact that its development has been coordinated through the Internet, though it is not a multiplayer game, nor is it in any way connected with computer-security related usages of the word hacking. The "hack" element refers to a genre of role-playing games known as hack and slash for their focus on combat.


Improved versions done by:
Author*: Josep Torra a.k.a ArthurDentN770
***Status**: Ported and GUI improvements
***Download Binary IT2005**:
***Download Source**:
In order to build the game you will need **nethack-343-src.tgz
file from

Initial Work done by:
*Author: Ralf Engels
*Status: Ported
*Dependencies: none

Nethack 3.4.3 for Maemo.

2006 -01-16 - This 3.4.3 deb binary is corrupted. Nethack will install ok but will crash (reboot) the 770 when run. See Homepage link above.
2006-01-19 - The binary is not corrupted, but instead simply incompatible with the newest Maemo image and crashing it, as the home page above says. Perhaps re-compilation is required?
2006-02-13 - You can get a right binary and sources on my blog



MammaSnake is a snake game.


*Home Page:
*Status: Fully playable
*Direct Download link:

A sauna warming game. Try to heat up the sauna as much as possible before running out of stamina.


Home Page:
*Status: Port complete
*Port Page:
*Alternate Port **:
ScummVM is a program which allows you to run certain classic graphical point-and-click adventure games, provided you already have their data files. The clever part about this: ScummVM just replaces the executables shipped with the game, allowing you to play them on systems for which they were never designed!


*Home Page:
*Status: Deb. available, update to V1.03: fixed not 100% working starting script
*Screenshots: Click to see


Python/pyGame ported from by Anakinsw

Home page: (Maemo port) Screenshots: Download:


An addicting puzzle game based on Tringo. It's a cross between Tetris and Bingo, where you place Tetris-type pieces and attempt to form and clear 2x2, 2x3 and 3x3 blocks.

Tux Pux

*Direct Download link (mirror):
*Homepage and Download:

Simple Tux Pux port.

Twin Distress

*Home Page:
*Status: Deb available, minor update to V1.1.2 (removed corrupt V1.1.1) - changes: added icon, fixed behaviour of home key
*Screenshots: Click to see

A nice puzzle game with different tile sets, sound and highscore table.


*Home Page:
*Usage:: comes with a menu entry, also full maemo integration is missing, but it runs stable.
*Screenshot: Click to see

Xtris is a Tetris clone, with multiplayer support. This is a quick and dirty port done in about 4 hours, do I get a 2nd 770? :-)


*Note: no homepage/screenshots available at the moment, it was just an attempt to package something for Nokia 770

The game is a reimplementation of the old game known as Tower Toppler or Nebulus.


Python/pyGame ported from by Anakinsw

Home page: (Maemo port) Screenshots: Download:



*Home Page:
*Status: Working

Unbounded, fullscreen scribbling and sketching application. Zoom, multistep undo, PNG export, png/jpg import. Clone tool, hyperlinks.

Tux Paint

A fun drawing programs for kids and even adults, similar to Kid Pix. Features a variety of stamps and effects.


Maemopad+ (the package name is MaemopadPlus due to problems with the "+" character) is a tree-structured notes editor, based on maemopad. It is able to take sketches and typed-notes. Future voice-note support is planned. Notes are saved in a sqlite3 database. Current release brings undo/redo support, usability/ui fixes and trivial performance optimisations to the table.

Maemopad+ is not a port, it is designed and optimised specifically for the Maemo platform.

Current Version: 0.18a Status: Working/Alpha


Requires: sqlite3 (


Home Page:

Internet and Networking

Bloglines 770

Author*: Moises Martinez
* **Source
* Download:
* Screenshots:

NOTE: The blank gap in screenshots is due to problems taking them with CPU/Load Plugin (it must be an older version) ;)

This package includes a (from scratch) bloglines reader to check out the news directly from bloglines API. It's intended to be a off-line reader. You update your news and read off-line. This a early version and it can be buggy but it basically works.

New Bugfixes and features:

  • The terminal app b_myconf is needed no more!! You can set your user up from the config window.
  • Menu added.
  • Post viewer improved; search enabled, better font size.
  • Hildon toolbar support added. It's capable of hiding itself (to gain size on fullscreen).


  • osso-ic-lib support.
  • links and images post viewer support.
  • clean html entities.
  • dbus service to add feeds.
  • suggestions?

It has as well as the a C Bloglines API wrapper shared library in order to give chance to the people to develop their programs such as home-applet summaries and so on. ;)

There is a lot of work to do. ;)

Author*: Moises Martinez
* **Source
* Download:
* Screenshots:
* More screenshots: Screenshot #1 Screenshot #2

This package includes a status-bar plugin to add links into and osso browser's bookmarks (osso-bookmark in development, need help! bare doc!). It also includes an alpha browser for It only shows the recent urls for each tag.
The package also includes a API lib that I'm developing. The programmes are linked to the lib. This is the first release and it can fail but the status-bar plugin works ok. feedback is needed! ;)

  • v0.2 browser improved but still under development.
  • status-bar plugin improved. you only have to copy the url into the clipboard and when the plugin is opened the url and its title is added automatically.
    Please suggestions, feedback!! ;)

CTorrent (Enhanced)

CTorrent is a linux console BitTorrent client implemented in C++ to be lightweight and quick.

Requires X Terminal Emulator and installs in /var/lib/install/usr/bin/.

GAIM internet messenger

GAIM is an instant messenger application that supports multiple accounts and multiple protocols. May be buggy.


GPE-mini-browser is a gtk-webcore based web-browser aimed at handheld devices. It tries to use the maximal screen estate, minimize memory usage (both RAM and Flash) thus making it usable for small devices. Some people seem to have trouble reading, so this is why I specify it again. THIS IS NOT BASED ON GECKO AND HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MINIMO!

MANaOS (mozilla-based) Web Browser

Author*: Antonio, Tomaz Noleto, Afonso Rabelo, Diego Gonzalez, Andre Pedralho and Elmano Carvalho
* **Source
: not available yet
* Last release: 0.1.2
* Download: '''those debs contain /var/lib/install/ in the paths and thus don't work**
* Download: these seem to contain proper paths and fixed d-bus-service-file
* Screenshots:

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a unstable version yet, but ables to load ALL tested web sites

MANaOS is an open source alternative Web Browser for some proprietary ones still shipped with the Nokia 770 device. It embeds mozilla and khtml (partially). more about it at


see table at



Rsync GUI ported to maemo, you can use it to synchronize directories. Needs the rsync package from the 'X-Terminal' section of this page.
New in version 0.2.1b: small GUI improvments and initial libosso / DBUS support to start the application from the Task Navigator.

VNC viewer

VNC allows you to log in remotely to an emulated GUI of a remote machine. Read more about it here.

How to use: * Press the Select/Confirm button to turn on and off the text input method window (just like in xterm). * Use the Zoom out (-) button for middle mouse button clicks. * Use the Zoom in (+) button for right mouse button clicks. * Use the Cancel/Close button to send an Esc key. Send other keys by activating the keys menu by clicking on the keyboard button on the toolbar. * Hold down the hardware movement keys to scroll the window. * The other hardware buttons operate similar to how they operate in xterm. * Turn on/off the toolbar from the View menu. * It is possible to double-click, but it might require a little practice/multiple attempts.

VNC server

How to use: * Select the x11vnc item from the Extras menu to start, and again to stop. * Read the README on the port page for more information.


An IRC client.


UPDATED v0.2 - changed the behavior of so that it will only download the latest 10 messages instead of the entire inbox. This should help people with overly large inboxes and Gmail locking down their account.
Gmailmon is a home applet that periodically checks your Gmail account for new mail. It displays the latest 6 email's sender and subject on the main window as well as your current Gmail space usage. You can also set the refresh timer from 1 to 60 minutes (or off, if you want to refresh manually) and you can also tell Gmailmon to autoconnect to the internet during a refresh.


MaemoFTP is a graphical FTP client that is ported from guiftp. See the home page for more information on the software and on the status.

All features of this version should be now tested. Mostly it doesn't notice things like network disconnected or disk space running out. Some minor glitches are there, but they don't prevent everyday use.



  • Home Page:
  • Status: Port complete, feedback welcome.
  • Port Page: Support is in the mainline now. Starting from version 2.4.2 N770 binaries will be on the normal download page. In the meantime you can get a deb of 2.4.1+cvs20051105 here

A free word processing program similar to Microsoft® Word. (note: It does NOT support Microsoft Word files, and crashes when you try to set preferences).


DejaPIM is a free full-featured PIM suite that supports wireless synchronization of your Calendar, Contacts, Notes, and Todos to and from Microsoft Outlook. The synchronization service has a monthly fee for usage, but the PIM itself is free of charge and able to be used standalone.


Evince is a document viewer for multiple document formats like pdf, postscript, and many others. The goal of evince is to replace the multiple document viewers that exist on the GNOME Desktop, like ggv, gpdf, and xpdf with a single simple application.

GPE PIM suite

GPE is not a single piece of software, but an entire environment of components which make it possible to use your GNU/Linux handheld for standard tasks such as Personal Information Management (PIM). Downloads are available for GPE-Todo, GPE-Calendar and GPE-Contacts. Calendar alarms are not currently supported. Submit bugs to


The Gnumeric spreadsheet is part of the GNOME desktop environment. The goal of Gnumeric is to be the best possible spreadsheet. Gnumeric can read files saved with other spreadsheets like Microsoft® Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, Applix, Sylk, XBase, Open Office, Quattro Pro, Dif, Plan Perfect, and Oleo.


Nticker is a home applet that takes the space of the clock and acts as a stock ticker. Nticker will periodically check with Yahoo finance and grab the latest stock quotes from an user definable list of stock symbols. The new prices are then scrolled ticker style on the home screen. A handy grid format is also available for easy viewing of all the stocks in your list.


McClient/McReceiver (Remote Control)

  • Status: Basic server + client functionality ready. Installation instructions are here.
  • Download: For users: McClient and McReceiver. For developers: via SVN.
  • Screenshots: A screenshot of the server is here, a screenshot of the client is here.

Remote control for GNOME's audio player Muine.

The server is currently implemented as a Muine plugin using Mono/C#, it talks to the 770 via WLAN. The client is later going to evolve into a hybrid between Muine's interface and the iPod's.

We could use your help! We also need someone to port the server to other multimedia applications. Please contact "spam2 at debain org".

Ogg Vorbis Player
* Current Version: 0.30
* Features:
* written for the Nokia 770 from scratch to fit the Maemo look'n feel * plays Ogg Vorbis encoded sound files * playlist support * displays album cover art if available ( .directory file needed; albumart can create those for instance)

A player for music files in Ogg Vorbis format. More features to come...


PLCreator finds mp3 files on your 770 and creates a playlist for them.

Flite Maemo with gstreamer support

Author*: Moises Martinez
* **Source
: -> Patch for official flite-1.3-release
* Download:

Text to speech d-bus service for maemo implemented by using flite and gstreamer. It replaces old Flite Maemo (below) BR]

Flite Maemo

Author*: Moises Martinez
* **Source
: -> Patch for official flite-1.3-release
* Download:

A flite wrapper implemented as a FliteWidget (with signals and so on) in order to ease developers integration with existing GTK code. Also I’ve implemented a D-BUS service for Maemo. There is also a test app to try it out. The maemo folder contains all the new code.

The .deb contains FliteWidget header and shared-lib, flite headers, d-bus service and test app. The code is not finished and flite is not optimized yet but it basically works.


  • FliteWidget cleanup
  • D-BUS service optimization
  • support different voices
  • flite optimization
  • ...

System Tools


CPU/Mem/Screenshot applet

Status bar plugin showing the CPU load and memory usage. Has also a menu for taking of screenshots and delayed screenshots. In future should allow for process killing, etc. Then I will call it the "Swissknife applet" ;-)

You can only install one of the two availabe load-plugins, either Jakub's original "load-plugin" or Armin's "load-plugin-aw".

CPU/Mem/Screenshot applet with SwapOn/Off

I added swapon/off to Jakub's Load-Plugin. This is most useful for those of us who are using a swap device or file on the RS-MMC. (If you have a swap on the RS-MMC, you really should swapoff before unplugging the RS-MMC...) More screenshots, the modified source and patches to transform Jakub's original Load-Plugin into my extended version can be found on my home page.

I sent my patches to Jakub, but got no answer yet. Thus I am not sure if he will include my changes, and if he will continue to maintain the Load-Plugin at all. That's why I decided to fork it: now there is "load-plugin" and "load-plugin-aw".

You can only install one of the two availabe load-plugins, either Jakub's original "load-plugin" or Armin's "load-plugin-aw".

IpHome homepage-plugin

hildon homepage plugin that shows current IP and TX/RX bytes and errors. Version 0.2 supports cycling through interfaces by tapping the plugin display panel.

Statusbar network monitor

Themes: 14pt Fonts

These are the 4 standard themes modified so that the default font is 14pts (instead of 16.75). When installed, they are at /var/lib/install/usr/share/themes.

Since the maemo theme manager only looks at /usr/share/themes for themes, I had to write a setup script located in /var/lib/install/usr/opt. It creates symbolic links, so that removing the package really removes them.


1 . Install the theme package 2 . Open xterm, enter ’sudo gainroot’ 3 . enter ’su -’ 4 . enter ‘cd /var/lib/install/usr/opt’ 5 . enter ‘./’ 6 . the themes should now be visible under the personalization applet.

First note - If you are going to remove this theme package, run the setup script with the ‘restore’ parameter. I am not sure how the 770 would react with empty theme links. It should be fine, but it has not been validated (yet).

Second note - If you uninstall these themes while one of them is the active theme, it would probably brick your 770 (requiring a firmware flash). I have verified that if you trash the active theme (for any reason), it will probably get stuck in a continuous boot cycle. (you been warned)

X Terminal Emulator (xterm)

An X terminal emulator for Maemo. Provides the user a graphical interface to the Nokia 770 command line. Applications under the "Commandline-Based (Shell only)" subsection do not have a Graphical User Interface, but are instead designed to be used under Xterm.

There's also a modified version available which adds Home/End/PageUp-Down key functionality, at the expense of making the ESC key an escape key. Using this version, any application which used a single escape -for example, vim- requires two presses of the ESC key.
Details (and the download link) are at

There's also another modified version with selectable font and selectable color support. Details (and the download link) are at

Reverse Shell

A program which is used with Dropbear ssh client (Xterm not required, (but recommended)) to make connection to remote revsh program (tunneled in secure shell connection). Now user on this remote computer can use revsh to execute shells or commands on Nokia 770 like commands ssh and rsh can be used.


A simple text editor like Notepad, running under the Hildon GUI. This is the demo app in the Maemo development tutorial, in a recent version and packaged into a working .deb for normal humans.

CPU/MEM load graph

Statusbar plugin showing cpu and memory usage graphs in status bar. Colors are definable with control panel applet. The plugin can also be used to run commands.

Commandline-Based (Shell only)


The GNU Bourne Again Shell.

Bind Utils (dig, nslookup, host)

I was able to get the entire Bind package compiled for ARM, but really I just wanted access to dig. Because of file size, and the lack of much practical use for a full DNS server on a 770, this package includes just the bind utils.

It will install these utils into /var/lib/install/usr/local/bin so you may want to add that to your path

Bluetooth OBEX server

OBEX push/pull and ftp (folder listing, etc...) server. It allows you to send, receive and browse the files on your 770 from your desktop. Also if you install the desktop version (for the Linux people) you can browse and download files on your desktop from your 770 (just tell the 770 your desktop is a phone and you will be able to browse it via the builtin filemanager).

Bluetooth port scanning suite

Bt_Audit is a Bluetooth port scanning suite.


Requires: need root privileges to work and X Terminal Emulator with small fonts (max 14pt on full screen)

Simple, console based tool designed specifically to extract as much information as possible from a Bluetooth device without the requirement to pair. This is cross-compiled and packaged version of debian unstable packages.


curl is a command line tool for transferring files with URL syntax.

Dropbear SSH client and server

SSH stands for "Secure Shell" and allows you to initiate a secure command line session from another computer.



I cross-compiled Gnuplot for Maemo. No changes to the source were required.
Close the plot window if you want to plot a second graph. Do not minimize it, because the window will not come to the foreground again. If you minimized it use 'killall gnuplot_x11' to close the plot window.
Thanks to Armin Warda for hosting and the killall comment.

GNU utilities: bc, find, xargs, gcal, wget

I cross-compiled these GNU utilities under scratchbox for Maemo:
bc 1.06,
find, xargs 4.2.25,
gcal 3.01,
wget 1,10.2

These executables will be installed under /var/lib/install/usr/bin, thus you should set your PATH-Variable to include this directory. If you always want to use the 'find' and 'xargs' executables from this package instead of the busybox's feature-reduced versions included with your Nokia 770, you have to have /var/lib/install/usr/bin in front of your PATH, e.g. by setting PATH=/var/lib/install/usr/bin:$PATH in your ~/.profile

IP Utils

A collection of some network utilities such as ping and tracepath.

Irssi IRC client

An IRC client.


  • Home Page:
  • Download :
  • Usage : If you want to use hardware keys for main joe functions, modify the /var/lib/install/etc/joe/joerc and add some lines after ":main :inherit windows" like this:

    abort ^[ 0

    exsave ^[ 1

    save ^[ 2

    markb ^[ 3

    markk ^[ 4

    blkcpy ^[ 5

    blkmove ^[ 6

    nmark ^[ 7

    blkdel ^[ 8

    eof ^[ 9

    for example this lets you do ESC ( 1 (one) to save and exit. Be sure to put the lines after any other assignments for the same keys.

An ASCII-Text Screen Editor


It needed a single tiny adjustment to be crosscompiled for maemo; see patch on homepage.

The doorman daemon 'guards the door' of a host, admitting only recognized parties. It allows a server which is not intended for general public access to run with all of it's TCP ports closed to the outside world. A matching 'knocker' is provided, with which to persuade the doorman to open the door a crack, just wide enough for a single TCP connection from a single IP address. Author of doormand/knock is Bruce Ward

make, cvs, ls --color, unzip, vi, ...

I cross-compiled GNU Make, CVS, and BusyBox with the following applets: ls (with --color option enabled), bunzip2, unzip, xargs, ping, wget, sha1sum, cal, vi, cp (fixed the "cp /dev/null some_file" bug).

metapackage: osso-xterm (et al)

A metapackage that contains the following binary packages:

* osso-xterm
* tiny-vim
* slocate
* openSSH

and three scripts that make configuration easier.

* - creates symbolic links, configures vim, openssh and allows for a complete restore (if needed).
* - patches the OS for automounting of a second rs-mmc partition. also includes a full restore.
* - maps the root filesystem and /MMC into the filemanager. also includes a full restore.

After an install, these scripts are located in /var/lib/install/usr/opt.


1 . remove any packages this metapackage may overwrite 2 . install the xterm-metapackage 3 . open xterm 4 . enter ’sudo gainroot’ 5 . enter ’su -’ 6 . (optional) passwd setup - if you haven’t set it up already 1 . enter ‘passwd -l root’ 2 . enter ‘passwd root’ (and set the root password) 3 . enter ‘passwd user’ (and set the user password) 7 . enter ‘cd /var/lib/install/usr/opt’ 8 . enter ‘./’ this will take a few minutes 9 . (optional) enter ‘’ to automount a 2nd rs-mmc partition. 10 . (optional) enter ‘’ to provide file manager access to your root filesystem.



unionfs is a stackable unification file system. It allows you to join directories and directory trees from different locations while keeping their contents separate. Look at its project page for more details about unionfs itself.

The main idea behind the actual Nokia770 implementation is to extend (up to the MMC's size) and/or change whatever parts of the root file system you like by data stored on the flash card without actually having to touch the original files at all. To the user and the applications this is totally transparent - no links or whatever changes needed. Also, by using different cards, you can give your Nokia770 rather different 'personalities'.

Home page, Instructions and Download:

Status: Working.


I just extracted and repackaged the slackware armv3 rpc.portmap, originally written by Wietse Venema. Just gainroot and start /var/lib/install/sbin/rpc.portmap, then you can mount filesystems via NFS.

Midnight Commander

A console file manager a-la-Norton Commander


NEURON for Maemo (includes iv). A flexible and powerful simulator of neurons and networks. No changes to the source were required. You need /var/lib/install/usr/lib in your LD_LIBRARY_PATH.
Thanks to Armin Warda for hosting.

Nmap, the port scanner

*Port Page:
*Status: Done.
*Main Site:

Need root access to fully utilize it.


Octave 2.1 for Maemo (includes fftw3 and hdf5). No changes to the source were required. You need /var/lib/install/usr/lib in your LD_LIBRARY_PATH.
Octave is more useful together with Gnuplot.
Thanks to Armin Warda for hosting.

OpenVPN, an open source SSL VPN solution

*Port Page:
*Status: Done.
*Home Page:

OpenVPN needs root permissions. Authentication with pam and lzo compression support are currently disabled so that OpenVPN package would not need any additional dependencies. The lzo compression support will be propably added at some point. (till this time you can use the standalone application found at: - no installer included there)

OpenSSH SSH client and server

  • Home Page:
  • Download:
  • Status: Port complete, includes Maemo-compatible ssh-askpass tool, ssh-agent, etc. The OpenSSH 'privilege separation' has been removed, and functions shared between ssh and sshd moved into a shared library to keep the size down. The result isn't quite as small as dropbear, but includes ssh-agent, a working ssh-askpass tool and support for connection caching
  • Usage: Run /var/lib/install/sbin/ as root after installing. This generates RSA and DSA keys (which takes quite some time) and (when run as root) adds OpenSSH server to autostart. To start the server immediately, without requiring reboot, run as root: /etc/init.d/sshd start

Use passwd -l root to lock the root account, otherwise anyone can log in remotely as root with the default root password (rootme). Define a user password with passwd user or drop your public SSH key into ~/.ssh/authorized_keys for secure logins.

SSH stands for "Secure Shell" and allows you to initiate a secure command line session from another computer.

Optional settings for ssh-agent and connection caching: Something like this in /home/user/.profile will start ssh-agent during the initial Maemo startup, so that its settings are inherited by all programs which get run:

if [ ! -d /tmp/ssh-sockets ]; then
        mkdir /tmp/ssh-sockets
        eval `/var/lib/install/bin/ssh-agent`

Then something like this in /home/user/.ssh/config will make it use connection caching for all SSH connections, so that it only has to actually authenticate the first time, and it'll keep the connection open. It also uses the faster 'blowfish' cypher, and enables compression.

Host *
 ForwardAgent no
 ForwardX11 no
 Compression yes
 Cipher blowfish
 ControlMaster auto
 ControlPath /tmp/ssh-sockets/%h-%p-%r
 ControlPersist yes
 ServerAliveInterval 60

sftp-server is not included in the deb package above - To make sftp to the device work, you can extract the sftp-server binary from and put it on the filesystem, then modify sshd_config to reflect where it is located.

PINE mail and news client

  • Home Page:
  • Download:
  • Status: No porting necessary, although the binary would shrink a lot if we were to drop all the help text from it (or even compress the help text). Although a text-mode application, pine actually works very nicely on touch screens with its 'enable-mouse-in-xterm' setting, which allows you to tap on menu items to perform actions, and to tap on mails in folder indices to view them etc. You only actually need to use the 'keyboard' when you're composing mail (or typing passwords, but that's why we use ssh-agent and configure pine to access IMAP servers over SSH, of course).

Pine does not install with application installer as of 4.64-1. Install as root using dpkg: dpkg-deb -x pine_4.64-1_arm.deb /var/lib/install/usr


rsync is a command-line tool that provides fast incremental file transfer, both locally and across a network.

A "stripped down" version with binary only can be found here:


SendIP is a tool to send completely arbitrary packets out over the network. It is useful for network debugging, port-knocking, among others. Author of SendIP is Mike Ricketts.


This is the locate command, tweaked and cross compiled for ARM/Nokia 770. Because locate uses a database rather then traversing the file system, it is better is some situations then the find command. As with most tools for the 770, you most likely will want to add it to your path. Due to the nature of locate, and the requirement of root access, there are a few instructions for this application:

* As root, run: groupadd slocate
* Install the .deb through app installer
* As root, mkdir /var/lib/slocate

Now the program is installed, and has a directory to store its database. For usage, you of course need to build the database as root. This is done as:

slocate -u

Now, if you want the normal user to have access to search the database, issue:

usermod -G slocate user

(This will require a reboot to take effect)

Telnet Client

This is a basic BSD license telnet client cross-compiled for Maemo. I recommend you add /var/lib/install/usr/bin to your path in .profile for easier use of this and all cli tools for the 770.


Tenex C Shell (tcsh)

My "port" of the Tenex C-Shell (tcsh) to the Nokia 770. It's not so much a port as a compile. I did have to make a few modifications, notably removing all the scripts (preinst, prerm, postinst, postrm).


'tnftp' is a 'port' of the NetBSD FTP client to other systems. 'tnftp' was formerly known as 'lukemftp'. It was renamed to `tnftp' by Luke Mewburn in February 2003. Notice: the executable is called 'ftp', not 'tnftp'.


From the Unison website: "Unison is a file-synchronization tool for Unix and Windows. It allows two replicas of a collection of files and directories to be stored on different hosts (or different disks on the same host), modified separately, and then brought up to date by propagating the changes in each replica to the other."


Use the hardware escape button ( as "escape". It is also recommended to put set nocompatible in '~/.vimrc' to ensure the cursor keys work correctly. If you experience issues with the backspace key while in insert mode add set backspace=2 in '~/.vimrc'.

Since the Application Installer places packages outside of the normal path, you can edit ~/.profile to set these paths permanently. However, incorrectly editing ~/.profile can render your 770 unbootable, requiring you to reflash your unit and lose any data stored on it.

It is also possible to use dpkg to as root (see HowDoiBecomeRoot), to install vim into the normal path using the following command: dpkg -x vim-*.deb /. After doing this, simply type vim in the terminal to start vim.

Vim 6.4 (rich-featured)

I cross-compiled Vim with these configuration options: disable-gui without-x disable-netbeans disable-darwin --disable-xsmp. Help files and many syntax files are left out to reduce the installation size to 2.9M.


The Linux wireless tools: iwconfig, iwlist, etc...


The dsniff 'sniffer' package we all love :)


socat the Multipurpose relay


The aircrack-ng wireless security toolkit. Requires shell access and root.


A bash script for managing the USBNet interface on the Nokia770. Installs at /var/lib/usr/sbin/usbnet. This script can enable, disable, restart or show status of the this interface through '/var/lib/usr/sbin/usbnet start|stop|restart|status'.

Note: After connecting and disconnecting, the interface can get confused and can be restored through 'usbnet restart'. For further information refer to


A set of bash scripts to simplify the process of package porting from the Zaurus IPK packages or the Debian ARM packages. Can run on your Linux desktop or on the Nokia 770. For use refer to


Netsukuku is a mesh network or a p2p net system that generates and sustains itself autonomously. It is designed to handle an unlimited number of nodes with minimal CPU and memory resources. Thanks to this feature it can be easily used to build a worldwide distributed, anonymous and not controlled network, separated from the Internet, without the support of any servers, ISPs or authority controls.



An end-user package of Python 2.4.2, along with various bundled libraries (Numeric, PyGTK, PyHildon, PyGame) is available from the Python for Maemo project; unlike previous ARM development releases, this works on the Nokia 770.


This installs the Python binary into /var/lib/install/usr/bin/python2.4; to easily use this inside an xterm, add /var/lib/install/usr/bin to your PATH and/or create a python link pointing to the binary in a local PATH (e.g., $HOME/bin, which would also need to be added to PATH in this case).


At least one standard library module, tarfile, doesn't appear to be included in this distribution.

Guile Scheme

Guile is the GNU Project's Scheme interpreter. The available 770 packages include the core Guile libraries and interpreter, Aubrey Jaffer's portable Scheme library SLIB, and Scheme-level bindings for the Glib, Gtk+, Atk, Pango and Hildon APIs.

Port Page:


GUnit is a C unit testing framework in the spirit of JUnit. The framework incorporates an easy to use GUI based on the Gnome libraries. Other GUI alternatives include Hildon support (

Home Page:
Notes: Debian packages now available for Maemo SDK 1.1. You'll need to install both gunit and gunit-hildon.


Moved to ApplicationCatalogWip as it is not yet suitable for end-users.


Allows you to write programs directly on your 770.

SmallBASIC is designed to be a simple, lightweight programming environment for experimentation, featuring strong mathematical and high level graphics commands.

Home Page:

Libraries and Other Dependencies

See LibraryCatalog.

Other sources and repositories

Maemo Garage

Maemo's own *forge. A good starting point to share and search for applications, both for OS2005 and OS2006.

Maemo Apps

Another (good) site from the creators of kde-apps, kde-look, gnome-apps family.

Maemo Repository

Main Maemo repository for application installer direct application's download. It will also work for apt-* note: some applications (such as Wireless-tools) willo only be shown from apt.

Web address
Distribution mistral-beta
Components free