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Ovi Maps improvement suggestions

Posted on 2009-11-08 11:22 UTC by Sascha Makela. Status: Under consideration, Categories: Location & Navigation.

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Nokia has invested a lot in Ovi Maps. While it has lot of potential, it's not perfect. However, instead of trying to find an alternative product, why not give some suggestions on how it could be improved?

Please put only one idea per solution, this way each idea can be voted separately.


Maps/Contacts/Calendar Integration

Posted on 2009-10-04 20:15 UTC by Tom Joyce. Status: Under consideration, milestone: Harmattan, Categories: Location & Navigation, Office.

Many people have appointments at addresses which are stored in their Contacts directory.  It wopuld be nice to link the address information with the appointment and link that to the event's location in Maps.  Ovi Maps on S60 already has the ability to search for properly formatted addresses from Contacts and one would assume the Maemo version will have the same facility.

Discussion thread:


Location Based Profile And Settings Changes

Posted on 2009-09-30 10:12 UTC by Cayden M. Status: Under consideration, Categories: Location & Navigation, Utilities, User Experience.

Change the profile and settings such as wifi on or off, bluetooth on or off and run certain applications  based on location.


Using N900 to Geotag pictures taken with a DSLR

Posted on 2009-10-27 14:09 UTC by Sascha Makela. Status: Under consideration, Categories: Desktop, Location & Navigation, Media, Accessories.


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While there are available multiple solutions for DSLR Geotagging, would it not be very convenient (and economical) to use the exiting equipment like the N900? This would eliminate need to carry (and purchase) a separate device.


Location of phone with gps

Posted on 2010-07-06 18:59 UTC by Thomas Navara. Status: Under consideration, Categories: Location & Navigation.

I would like to be able to know current location of my phone.

When I cannot find it (is it in work, home, summerhouse,...), when somebody steals it from me (possibly hurting me in process),... there're plenty legal reasons for it.

I imagine application, that will run on background and periodically report it's position to server or send it by email, etc. While it can be done python script,...

There're of course many issues/options (how often report, go online if offline for more than hour, turn on gps if not on-gps for more than four hours, send position as email / fetch url on your server,...) to decide, but that's for discussion.


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