Milestone Fremantle

SMS via the instant messaging client

Posted on 2009-06-16 14:44 UTC by Henri Bergius. Status: Implemented, milestone: Fremantle, Categories: Utilities.

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Maemo contains a nice instant messaging client based on Telepathy. Maemo devices also usually are paired with a mobile phone.

Now this pairing is mostly used for internet connection, but it could also be used for allowing SMS become "just another conversation" in the IM client.


Make it easier to switch to the Desktop/App Menu

Posted on 2009-09-28 15:18 UTC by Heinrich Schäfer. Status: Implemented, milestone: Fremantle

The current implementation of the task switcher/menu button seems to be inefficient and inconsistent. (as seen on at 1:10..)

  • You need multiple 'clicks' to access the desired page (eg 3 clicks to reach the desktop from an open app)
  • the ui flow seems to be unintuitive and inconsistent: How should I know that the BACKGROUND if the app menu is linked to the dektop?

Bring more popular IM protocols to Fremantle

Posted on 2009-12-15 20:36 UTC by Craig Woodward. Status: Implemented, milestone: Fremantle, Categories: Internet & Networking.

Currently Fremantle has no access to common popular IM protocols, despite having an integrated SMS/IM "conversations" area.  The few protocols that are there are widly unused, while popular protocols (like YahooIM, AIM, ICQ, and others) are unavailable.


Preventing exploit by improving the kernel's security

Posted on 2009-10-01 13:31 UTC by Alex .. Status: Implemented, milestone: Fremantle

Newer Windows and now iPhone's version of macOS X have some heap/mmap/stack/base adresse randomisation built-in... (Yes, this is technical!)

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