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Maximise use time, when using external monitor

Posted on 2010-09-17 08:32 UTC by Jarmo Lahtiranta. Status: Under consideration, Categories: Devices.

When you're using the device with external monitor, you are probably doing things like watching a movie or browsing the net through wifi or 3G network, which drain the battery.

It would be great to be able to plug the device to the monitor, do what ever you want, and leave with a fully charged battery.

Just to be clear - this is a hardware proposal to future devices.

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ANT+ support

Posted on 2010-03-27 20:14 UTC by Nathan Simons. Status: Under consideration, Categories: Education & Science, Internet & Networking, Location & Navigation, Utilities, System, Programming, Devices, Accessories.

There exists a protocol named ANT+ which is touted as a low power wireless sensor network. Many devices use it, in particular bicycle computers and heart rate monitors. It apparently uses frequencies in the 2.4GHz band. I know there are many transceivers in the N900. I was hoping one of them could be made to work with ANT+. Even though I am a developer, I have never worked with wireless protocols or RF in general, so I thought I would ping on others here before going on a wild goose chase.

ANT+ homepage

Some Linux software already works with the protocol using a USB adaptor that is basically an ANT+ to serial adaptor:

Garmin ANT+ data downloader

another ANT+ utility

Garmin ANT+ decoder

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electronic compass

Posted on 2010-01-31 09:34 UTC by Sascha Riedinger. Status: Under consideration, Categories: Location & Navigation, Programming, Devices.

As we all know the N900 has no electronic compass, but for some applications like astronomy apps and augmented reality it could be very useful to have the possibility to determine in which direction the device is facing.

Especially for astronomy programs like stellarium it would be advantageous that the compass also works if the device isn't in line with the horizontal level (or if it's possible the accelerometer data has to be used to calculate the right data)

An additional device must have a clamp etc to fixate on the N900. A electronic compass needs to be calibrated, with a clamp that asserts same alignment every time it is used the calibration process must be done only once.

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Dialing to special numbers

Posted on 2010-01-22 02:01 UTC by kevin serrano. Status: Under consideration, Categories: System, Devices.

In my country there are  some numbers to which we dial, for example:  (HONDURAS)

#123# (send) and the service provider send a special message (not sms, just like a pop-up windows) with your prepaid balance.

Also if we want to give money from our balance to another user balance we dial


then a message appear confirming our request, we send 1 for yes as text message or 0 for no or just cancel.