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location based unequal hours (clock for Religion, Astronomy, Astrology etc)

Posted on 2009-06-17 15:24 UTC by Z P. Status: Under consideration, Categories: Accessories.

(see bug: )

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Using N900 to Geotag pictures taken with a DSLR

Posted on 2009-10-27 14:09 UTC by Sascha Makela. Status: Under consideration, Categories: Desktop, Location & Navigation, Media, Accessories.


Talk link


While there are available multiple solutions for DSLR Geotagging, would it not be very convenient (and economical) to use the exiting equipment like the N900? This would eliminate need to carry (and purchase) a separate device.


making a wind measurement app on n900

Posted on 2010-08-22 10:26 UTC by Thomas Denys. Status: Under consideration, Categories: Accessories.

an application to measure wind-speed


i saw this for iphone

this application measures the sound of the wind and convert it in wind speed.


ANT+ support

Posted on 2010-03-27 20:14 UTC by Nathan Simons. Status: Under consideration, Categories: Education & Science, Internet & Networking, Location & Navigation, Utilities, System, Programming, Devices, Accessories.

There exists a protocol named ANT+ which is touted as a low power wireless sensor network. Many devices use it, in particular bicycle computers and heart rate monitors. It apparently uses frequencies in the 2.4GHz band. I know there are many transceivers in the N900. I was hoping one of them could be made to work with ANT+. Even though I am a developer, I have never worked with wireless protocols or RF in general, so I thought I would ping on others here before going on a wild goose chase.

ANT+ homepage

Some Linux software already works with the protocol using a USB adaptor that is basically an ANT+ to serial adaptor:

Garmin ANT+ data downloader

another ANT+ utility

Garmin ANT+ decoder

Talk thread here.


Flexible Bluetooth Audio Priorities

Posted on 2009-12-07 15:13 UTC by Paul Hedderly. Status: Under consideration, Categories: User Experience, System, Devices, Accessories, Other.

I raised this as a wishlist bug, but have been prodded to move it here.

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