Welcome to Maemo

Nokia Corporation ("Nokia") and Hildon Foundation ("Hildon") have announced an agreement regarding assigning Nokia's Maemo trademarks, domain names and trademark applications to Hildon. The agreement includes the Maemo community website, www.maemo.org.

Nokia has been the owner of the features of the Maemo brand that have been used in connection with mobile devices and software distributed by Nokia, as well as supporting the maintenance of the Maemo Website for the Maemo community. Nokia has transferred the Maemo brand features to Hildon, who will continue to support the Maemo community.

Hildon shall assume the full responsibility and liability for the maintenance and support of all the activity that is and will be on-going on the Maemo Website. For clarity, Hildon is not responsible for customer support for Nokia mobile devices using Maemo, such as N900 and/or N9. Following the acquisition of substantially all of Nokia's Devices & Services business by Microsoft in April 2014, Microsoft is now responsible for the support of Nokia branded mobile devices. Local contact details can be found at www.nokia.com/global/wayfinder.

Enhanced BusyBox shell 1.21.1power1

Tiny utilities for small and embedded systems - enhanced package

BusyBox combines tiny versions of many common UNIX utilities into a single small executable. It provides the default shell used in Maemo. This package replaces the default BusyBox executable with the latest upstream version. It also includes Maemo-specific bug fixes, a lot more utilities and additional features (like Ctrl-R reverse history search, proper shell history handling and swapon with priority support).

Also see http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?t=72801.

This package won't overwrite any existing symlinks and binaries providing the same functionality (like GNU tar if installed/symlinked).

Additional utilities provided over the default BusyBox package: bunzip2 bzcat bzip2 cpio cttyhack dnsdomainname dumpkmap ed fbset fdflush hush ip ipaddr iplink iproute iprule mountpoint mt nc pipe_progress popmaildir pscan usleep blockdev bootchartd crond fdisk ifenslave ip iptunnel klogd loadkmap logread makedevs mdev nbd-client raidautorun setconsole sulogin sysctl syslogd vconfig adjtimex arping base64 beep brctl cal catv chpst chrt crontab cryptpw dc devmem diff dos2unix dumpleases eject envdir envuidgid ether-wake fdformat fgconsole flock freeramdisk ftpget ftpput hexdump ionice iostat ipcalc last length less linux32 linux64 loadfont lpd lpq lpr lzcat lzma lzop lzopcat makemime man microcom mkpasswd mpstat nmeter patch pmap readahead reformime resize rev rpm rpm2cpio rtcwake runsv runsvdir rx script scriptreplay setarch setfont setuidgid showkey smemcap softlimit strings sv svlogd tcpsvd telnet tftp timeout traceroute traceroute6 ttysize udhcpc udpsvd unix2dos unlzma unlzop unxz unzip uudecode uuencode vlock volname wall xz xzcat ar acpid add-shell addgroup adduser arp chat delgroup deluser dhcprelay dnsd fakeidentd ftpd hdparm httpd ifplugd inetd lspci ntpd rdate rdev readprofile remove-shell sendmail sha256sum sha512sum telnetd tftpd tunctl udhcpd watchdog zcip whois pstree pwdx groups users setserial nameif ubirsvol