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Nokia Corporation ("Nokia") and Hildon Foundation ("Hildon") have announced an agreement regarding assigning Nokia's Maemo trademarks, domain names and trademark applications to Hildon. The agreement includes the Maemo community website, www.maemo.org.

Nokia has been the owner of the features of the Maemo brand that have been used in connection with mobile devices and software distributed by Nokia, as well as supporting the maintenance of the Maemo Website for the Maemo community. Nokia has transferred the Maemo brand features to Hildon, who will continue to support the Maemo community.

Hildon shall assume the full responsibility and liability for the maintenance and support of all the activity that is and will be on-going on the Maemo Website. For clarity, Hildon is not responsible for customer support for Nokia mobile devices using Maemo, such as N900 and/or N9. Following the acquisition of substantially all of Nokia's Devices & Services business by Microsoft in April 2014, Microsoft is now responsible for the support of Nokia branded mobile devices. Local contact details can be found at www.nokia.com/global/wayfinder.

oscp - flexible audio player for almost any format, local/remote gui included 0.9.7-26


  • plays local files, playlists and internet streams (http:// and mms://)
  • multiplatform, small, fast and easy to use
  • almost no dependencies (needs only libao)
  • remembers play position
  • unzip/unrar support
  • ncurses ui
  • or: network interface for remote commands (remote gui)
  • lirc (remote) support
  • many more little bits that make your audio experience smooth
  • formats: libav: mp3, wav, ogg, flac, ape, mpg, mpeg, mpc, aac, mp2, wma, wmv, wv, asf, rm, flv, avi, mkv, etc libxmp: mod, med, xm, it, s3m, dbm, psm, umx, okt, digi, 669, mtm, mtp, ac1d, di, eu, kris, lax, liq, dtm, ptm, rtm, stm, amf, dmf, imf, amd, rad, hsc wildmidi: mid, xmi libfc14: fc, fc13, fc14 gme: ay, gbs, gym, hes, kss, nsf, nsfe, sap, spc, vgm asap: sap, cm3, cmc, cmr, cms, dmc, dlt, mpd, mpt, rmt, tm2, tm8, tmc, fc sc68: sc68, sndh sid2: sid, psid, info mdxplay: mdx, pdx uade2: MANY. +------------ | | if you like it, spread the word! | | please submit any feedback/bugs/feature requests via: | irc: (KotCzarny) on #maemo or #osc on irc.freenode.org | or: http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?t=94590 | or: https://garage.maemo.org/tracker/?group_id=2392 | +------------