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Revision 1.3 / 2016-02-20

Maemo Trademark Usage Guidelines

Maemo Community e.V. contributes and operates Maemo brand and services.
Maemo brands, trademarks, styles, logos, slogans and services (together, "Maemo trademarks") are one of the most valuable assets of Maemo. Proper use of Maemo trademarks by following these trademark usage guidelines protects the value of Maemo trademarks. Following are the guidelines for the proper use of Maemo trademarks for publishers and other third parties. Any use of or reference to Maemo trademarks that is inconsistent with Maemo trademark policy or these guidelines, or other unauthorized use of or reference to Maemo trademarks or marks that are confusingly similar to Maemo trademarks, is prohibited and may violate Maemo trademark rights.

With Maemo, Nokia aimed to encourage others to adopt, use and contribute technologies for handheld products, software platforms and applications. Trademarks are used as a guarantee to users and customers of products and services. They differentiate goods and services and identify their origin. Maemo trademark policy attempts to balance between two competing interests: Need of Maemo to ensure that its trademarks remain reliable indicators of quality and security and need of Maemo to ensure that Maemo community members, software companies and distributors and other parties Maemo works with are able to discuss Maemo and accurately describe their relationship with Maemo. This aim is continued with Maemo Community e.V.

Any questions with respect to these guidelines should be referred to Maemo Community e.V. See contact information from chapter “6. Permission”.


1. Introduction

Please follow these guidelines carefully. They are designed to ensure proper usage of Maemo trademarks and to prevent confusion that can result from improper usage. These guidelines will help you identify the correct form of referencing Maemo trademarks.

In those rare cases where some maemo extension (application, plug-in, theme, etc) or service (Maemo related web site, etc) already exists and the name of that extension or service does not follow these guidelines there is no need to either to ask permission from Maemo Community e.V. to continue using Maemo name in connection of that product or service or chance the name of that product or service. Maemo trademark policy and this Maemo trademark usage guidelines are applied only to those products and services that are published after Maemo trademark was published.

2. Fair use of maemo trademarks

You may make fair use of Maemo word marks to make true factual statements about Maemo, or to truthfully communicate that your product or service is compatible with, was designed for, or was designed using, Maemo. Assertions of compatibility, design, etc., must, of course, be accurate. You cannot use Maemo logos or stylizations of Maemo word marks or other Maemo trademarks unless you have explicit written permission to do so. You never should in any way state or imply that Maemo produces, endorses, or supports your company, products, or services unless you have explicit written permission to do so.

When making fair use of a Maemo trademark, you should acknowledge that Maemo Community e.V. owns the Maemo trademark. The following language is appropriate: "[Insert mark used] is a trademark of Maemo Community e.V."

Only exceptions of Maemo trademark usage where you do not need to ask explicit permission from Maemo Community e.V. are listed in Maemo trademark policy document. For example, noncommercial usage of logo or name in t-shirt, wallpapers or caps is allowed.


3. Proper use of Maemo trademarks

- Use a Maemo trademark as an adjective followed by the generic name/noun.

A trademark is neither a noun nor a verb.

Correct: Maemo development tools help . . .

Incorrect: Maemo your product . . .

Incorrect: The Maemo pokes fun at the . . .

- Do not use a Maemo trademark in the plural or possessive form, and never hyphenate or abbreviate.

Correct: Unique capability of the Maemo development tools . . .

Incorrect: Maemo’s unique properties . . .

- Do not modify Maemo trademark.

Even a seemingly innocuous deviation may create a new and different trademark. Do not shorten, abbreviate or create acronyms out of Maemo trademarks. A trademark that is depicted as two or more words should never be compressed into one word or vise versa. Check the list of Maemo trademarks at to verify exactly how the marks should appear.

- Use proper notice of trademark.

- Distinguish Maemo trademark from surrounding words.

Capitalize the first letter from word Maemo. Otherwise use lower case letters with underline, italic, bold, mark in quotes, or different font for the mark to distinguish Maemo trademark from surrounding words.

Correct: We have been using Maemo tools . . .

Correct: We have been using “Maemo” tools . . .

Incorrect We have been using MAEMO tools . . .

Incorrect: We have been using Maemo tools . . .

- Use of trademarks in publications.

Maemo trademark can be referred, discussed, used in publications or in connection with presentations provided that the use is referential only, does not contain use of Maemo as a trademark and the usage has no commercial context.

You may reference Maemo on the cover and title of a publication provided you comply with the guidelines herein and the following specifications:

- Your name and/or logo should appear more prominently than the Maemo mark on all printed materials related to the publication.

- You should include a disclaimer of sponsorship, affiliation, or endorsement by maemo on the publication and on all related printed materials:

Correct: “(Title) is an independent (publication) and is not affiliated with, authorized by, sponsored by, or otherwise approved by Maemo Community e.V.”

- You may use a Maemo trademark as the leading word in the title of a single book but only if you have written permission to do so from Maemo Community e.V.

- You may not use a Maemo trademark or any other words or logo(s) in a manner that suggests Maemo or Maemo Community e.V. affiliation, sponsorship or certification of the publication.

- Use of trademarks in applications, plug-ins and extensions.

Maemo trademarks can be used in the names of products that are developed to be compatible with Maemo technology and services and are installable and runnable as extensions to the Maemo platform. Examples of such of extensions are installable applications, themes, codecs, drivers and plug-ins. The proper usages of Maemo trademarks for this kind of extensions are, for example, following statements

Correct: <your product name> for Maemo

Correct: <your product name> plug-in for Maemo

Correct: <your product name> compatible with Maemo

Correct: <your product name> for use with Maemo

Incorrect: Maemo <your product name>

Incorrect: Maemo-<your product name>

Notice especially that <your product name> should not include Maemo trademark

Correct: Clock

Correct: mClock

Incorrect: maemoClock

- Visual identity guidelines for logos

The logo is to be displayed in its entirety on either a solid light or dark background (avoid mid-tone or strongly colored backgrounds)

The logo should not be displayed in parts, with color variations, or with other elements superimposed on top of the logo.

Colors of Maemo logo

- Orange in logo should be rendered in the RGB: 255, 150, 000

- Black in logo should be rendered in the RGB: 000, 000, 000

Sizes of logo

- logo should not be displayed in a screen with the logo portion at a size smaller than 25px high

- logo should not be displayed in print with the logo portion at a size smaller than 1cm high

Official versions of logos can be found from

- Use of website markup

You may use the HTML and CSS files on or other websites for your web site – as long as you don’t use the visual design or style (the colors, gradients, fonts, etc). In other words, you can use the HTML and/or CSS code, but it should not look like you took our page and just replaced logo.

Maemo and Maemo Community e.V. do not intend to exercise any copyrights it may have in any HTML/CSS underlying its pages to prevent you from copying or reusing that HTML/CSS. However this does not grant you any rights to use the trademarks, trade names, service marks or trade dress of Maemo or Maemo Community e.V.


4. Prohibited use of Maemo trademarks

- Do not make reference to Maemo Community e.V. or Maemo trademarks in a manner that is false or misleading.

- Do not combine or use a Maemo trademark with your company's product or service name or any other term unless you have written permission to do so. Use of Maemo trademarks in that sort of way would NOT be a fair use.

- Do not use logos or names in any commercial or marketing context unless you have explicit written permission from Maemo Community e.V. to do so. Also, do not incorporate a Maemo trademark into your company's logos or designs.

- Do not use Maemo trademarks as your domain names or as part of your domain names.

- Do not use Maemo trademarks in a manner that would disparage Maemo or Maemo Community e.V., its subsidiaries, its products, or services (e.g., untruthful advertising, false/misleading promotional materials, etc.).

- Do not use Maemo trademarks more prominently than your own company, product or service name.

- Do not create your own logos to represent Maemo products or services.

- Do not use a logo on the cover of a book or magazine without written permission from Maemo Community e.V.

- Do not use a logo on posters, brochures, signs, websites, or other marketing materials to promote your events, products or services without written permission from Maemo Community e.V.

- Do not alter a Maemo word mark or logo in any way.


5. Revisions of Maemo trademark documents

When Maemo trademark policy or these trademark usage guidelines are revised, the updated and most current version will be posted at Maemo Community e.V. may release new versions of Maemo trademark policy or related documents at any time without notice.

6. Permission

To obtain written permission for proposed use of the Maemo trademarks, contact:

Received permission to use Maemo trademark shall not include rights to use any other trademark or intellectual property of Maemo Community e.V. or third parties.



Creative Commons License This work is inspired by the Mozilla Foundation Trademark Policy and the GNOME Trademark Licensing. It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.