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Posted on 2009-09-26 19:32 UTC by Quim Gil. Status: Implemented, milestone: Fremantle, Categories:

Currently landing in Brainstorm is pretty bad. First you need to find it or even know it exists. Then the default page (now is anything but simple and self-explanatory for a newcomer. And not even that useful for regular visitors. There is already a proposal for Improving the Brainstorm layout but this one here concentrates on the landing page and the ways to get there.

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Solution #1: Landing page reflecting most recent ideas

Posted on 2009-09-26 19:47 UTC by Quim Gil.

The landing page could follow the principle of to show what is Hot (most voted) and what is Fresh (latest). A general top 10 would give the general view of what is going on now in the Brainsntorm. Then the top 3 for each category could be shown as well for those interested enough to scroll down. This way you would get a good picture of the current Brainstorm activity and where to start according to your interests.

Hot proposals		                            		Hot solutions
* <karma> <proposal title> * <karma> <solution title> on
* 175 Maemo should run on netbooks <proposal title>
* 10 listed * 5 listed

Fresh proposals Fresh solutions
* <MMM D> <proposal title> * <MMM D> <solution title> on
* Nov 2 - Maemo should run on netbooks <proposal title>
* 10 listed * 5 listed

Development started Implemented
* <proposal title> * <proposal title>
* Up to 10 listed * Up to 10 listed

Need voters Need solutions
* <proposal title> * <proposal title>
* Up to 10 listed * Up to 10 listed


Hot proposals = Proposals with highest thumbs up + thumbs down Under Consideration

Hot solutions = Solutions with highest thumbs up + thumbs down Under Consideration

Fresh proposals = New proposals Under consideration

Fresh solutions = New solutions Under considerations

Development started = New proposals Under Development

Implemented = New proposals Implemented

Need voters = New proposals in Sandbox

Need solutions = New proposals without solutions in Sandbox


Solution #3: My Brainstorms

Posted on 2009-10-21 15:28 UTC by Randall Arnold.

We need a highly visible "My Brainstorms" selection (filter).  Surely the applet supports such a thing...

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Solution #2: "" URL and "Brainstorm" forum in Talk

Posted on 2009-09-26 20:03 UTC by Quim Gil.

The Brainstorm is easier to understand as an extension of Talk. Anybody can start or contribute to a discussion in Talk, but if a feature request or a proposal for improvement gets special interest then it is better to move it to Brainstorm for better processing and influence to those able to implement such proposals.

Therefore the URL should be

And therefore should have a forum called Brainstorm (between General and Community?) where all the discussion threads from Brainstorm ideas would be placed. This forum should be moderated in a way that all threads created should correspond to a Brainstorm idea. is a very popular destination. The threads in the Brainstorm forum would be seen by many users that would swim up th the Brainstorm pages of topics they are interested about. There they could leave their votes for posterity. This Brainstorm forum would probably become an important if not the main gateway for people landing in the Brainstorm.

Note that this forum would also be a de facto solution for Watching brainstorm since is well equipped with per-forum feeds, email notifications and so on.

This solution assumes that Single Sign-On is implemented across (it's coming).

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