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More efficient and flexible use of internal flash

Posted on 2009-12-20 16:04 UTC by Tom Tanner. Status: Under consideration, Categories: Desktop, Media, System, Devices.

about 27GB of the N900 internal flash memory are reserved for a VFAT (FAT32) partition which is mounted on /home/user/MyDocs and exported as USB mass storage.

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Boost battery output

Posted on 2010-01-13 00:10 UTC by Brad Grigor. Status: Under consideration, Categories: Devices.

"Power" users (pun intended) will not achieve all-day computing on the N900 with the supplied battery due to the high drain of the various radios, the added load of the GSM radio and phone application and certain other applications. While other brainstorms are looking at improving application efficiency, this brainstorm is looking to improve the battery in the N900.

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Predictive Dialler

Posted on 2009-11-24 07:00 UTC by Venomrush .. Status: Under consideration, Categories: System, Devices.

Taken from


It'll be great to have the dialer picking up the names of contacts when you input few letters from their names or the first few numbers of the phone number using the dialing pad.


Similar feature to feature on WM dialpad.


RDS and PTY interface and player integration

Posted on 2011-01-07 06:16 UTC by nemo nowhere. Status: Under consideration, Categories: Media, User Experience, Devices.

N900 is currently capable of sending "Nokia" as RDS station name. I suggest that we expand this functionality so that it can send all types of RDS fields and PTY codes and make it into a general API.

Secondly we should enable media players to broadcast RDS info from mp3 filename or name tags.

Eventualy some one could use the interface to send sms or caller id while FM transmitter is in use.


USB Connection Mode Switcher

Posted on 2010-09-18 08:13 UTC by Ejas Mudar. Status: Under consideration, Categories: Devices.

When the device is connected to a PC via the micro-usb cable, we can chose the connection mode-PC Suite/Mass Storage.

But if we want to change the mode after sometime, the cable has to be removed and reconnected.