RDS and PTY interface and player integration

Posted on 2011-01-07 06:16 UTC by nemo nowhere. Status: Under consideration, Categories: Media, User Experience, Devices.

N900 is currently capable of sending "Nokia" as RDS station name. I suggest that we expand this functionality so that it can send all types of RDS fields and PTY codes and make it into a general API.

Secondly we should enable media players to broadcast RDS info from mp3 filename or name tags.

Eventualy some one could use the interface to send sms or caller id while FM transmitter is in use.

Solutions for this brainstorm


Solution #1: find more specific technical info

Posted on 2011-01-07 06:16 UTC by nemo nowhere.

´╗┐Find info for RDS and PTY implementation in existing code expand this with codes and fields from this wikipedia article