HowToNFS 06

  1. IT OS 2007 & 2008
  2. IT OS 2006

IT OS 2007 & 2008

For IT OS 2008 or IT OS 2007 instructions see SettingUpNFS

IT OS 2006

This should be valid for older IT OS 2006 firmware.

NFS should work without a new kernel

Go into redpill mode. Install the following packages

portmap rx-34-kernel-nfs-modules nfs-common

nfs-common on the N800 bora release will require adduser which will require perl-base. These two packages can be installed from a gregale repository.

Download this kernel image that have NFS support build in kernel

open xterm and type this command as root for install portmap: apt-get install nfs-common

then NFS is ready to use.

For see it in File Manager create a dir in MyDocs: mkdir /home/user/MyDocs/.nfs

# portmap

# mount -t nfs x.y.v.z:/foo /home/user/MyDocs/.nfs

skler LudgerHumbert: changed to .nfs and from //x.y... to x.y...