Touch based image rotation

Posted on 2009-09-25 10:32 UTC by mike choy. Status: Under consideration, Categories: Media.

How about being able to rotate an onscreen image in the photo viewer by dragging one of its corners around. This is a common requirement in taking photos adn would show off the touch screen

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Solution #1: Rotate by dragging corners

Posted on 2009-09-30 15:41 UTC by mike choy.

Raather than just rotating the image by 90 degrees with a single button, the proposal is

Drag a corner of the image to rotate by what ever angle you want. This would be good for correcting horizon errors which one often gets wrong when taking pictures, as well as making a more natural way to rotate images with some eye candy. Stylus could be used where very fine adjustments are needed too.

A Grid could pop up as soon as you start rotation, to guide the user, or even a really funky angle display that shows the current angle of rotation vs the original.


Solution #2: Rotate using the accelerometers

Posted on 2009-09-30 15:43 UTC by mike choy.

Press the rotate button, while holding the device horizontal in your hand. Now tilt the device. The image stays horizontal. when the device is a tthe right angle clikc to save the rotated image.

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