System wide searching for Maemo 5 devices

Posted on 2009-11-23 03:04 UTC by Venomrush .. Status: Under consideration, Categories: System.

This idea came from the fact Maemo 5 devices are not able to search within the Email application.


Maemo 5 devices seems to lack a system wide search function.

The function will search in Messaging, Contacts, Email, Musc, Calendar and Bookmarks for a specific keyword.

This feature has been implemented for previous Symbian devices such as the N97.

It should work in both portrait and landscape mode.


Feature screenshot attached.


Main menu screen -

Search result screen -

Solutions for this brainstorm


Solution #1: Allow system-wide searching

Posted on 2009-12-13 11:25 UTC by Venomrush ..

Let user quickly search for term that can be found in text messages, contacts, email, music, calendar etc.


Solution #2: API open to third-party apps

Posted on 2009-12-23 08:28 UTC by Lionel Mamane.

This should be an API open to third-party apps in both directions:

  • A third-party app must be able to register to be searchable through the system-wide search.
  • A third-party app should be able to replace / enhance / put a different UI on / ... the system-wide search, thus get the registrations of Nokia and non-Nokia apps.

Solution #3: Expand the search to any field in contacts, and add a searching tool for system searches

Posted on 2011-01-17 23:24 UTC by Taro Hirabayashi.

I think the "global search" could be a very useful tool, but I also think that the contact search for all fields should be implemented separately and that it should work directly searching by the actual contact search.

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